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Listen To Your Heavenly Father Speak

My dear child, why do you treat me like you do?
Have you all too soon forgotten what I have done for you?
You ignore me to no end,
With no regret as to how much you offend.
You put everything before me,
From sin and Satan you will not flee.

Since the time I brought you into existence
You have shown your ingratitude as you continue to sin with persistence.
Don't you know that I am your Creator, Sustainer and Savior?
One who is greatly concerned about your behavior.
I love you so much I sent my precious Son
In order that you could have abundant and eternal life through trusting this wonderful one.

But as I watch you from day to day
You tend to walk in your own deliberate way,
On the things of the world you concentrate;
A good job, social status, pleasures and wealth, on those you meditate.
You do it all to exclusion of me,
With anything that has to do with me, you seen to flee.

Awaken my child, it is I who Provides for you each and every day,
It is I who am responsible for your pay.
It is I who have given you status and wealth,
It is I who have furnished you with good health.
It is I who gives life and takes it away,
It is I who have provided the better way.

Robert W. Boggs

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