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My Mothers Arms

I still remember her songs of love,
Melodies she sang as she rocked my troubles away.
I fondly recall a friendship shared,
Despite how I tried to grow up so fast.

I appreciate a relationship so special,
I hold her so dear to my heart.
Although I am now married with a family of my own,
We're never really apart.

My mother has always listened to my dreams,
And encouraged my heart to try.
She has never told me, "I told you so",
Even when some of the dreams died.

Although I had two brothers,
Mom never left any of us out.
She always managed to be there for us all,
Her devotion and love were never in doubt.

I think back from time to time,
And remember so much joy.
And realize that despite my age,
I will always be her little boy.

Written by Jay Parr

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