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Imagine stepping on heaven's celestial shore.
Seeing all the souls won for the Lord.
There's Billy, Susie and Tom,
All saved from evil's harm.

Imagine walking on heaven's celestial shore.
Hand in nail scared hand with the Lord.
All those questions you wanted to ask,
Having them answered at last.

Imagine living on heaven's celestial shore.
Never to hurt and cry anymore.
Seeing the loved ones who went on before.
Telling their stories of when they walked through heaven's door.

For now your work has not ended.
Broken hearts still need to be mended.
Keep on working and don't forget to pray,
Then one day to the Lord you can say,

"I imagined being here before,
Seeing You as i walked through the door.
Knowing the battle is finally won,
For now I'm with you, God's precious Son."

1996 Janice "Jan" Derrick

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