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                                     My husband Jay Parr wrote this poem. I am very blessed to have him in my life. Jay is a wonderful husband, a wonderful father to our 6-year-old son Joseph, and a wonderful pastor of our church Hope Chapel. I love him very much and am very proud of his accomplishments. Not only does he bring a wonderful message each Sunday, but he also writes beautiful gospel songs that I am very proud to sing. On our wedding anniversary each year he writes a beautiful love song for me and sings it to me. This year, at a Christmas party with all our friends, he suprised me by renewing our vows. I had no idea he had been planning this for months! And those weeks when I have been searching and searching for a poem to put in the bulletin and can't find one he always comes through and writes one for me. Thank you Jay for all you do. I love you, Tina

Hope For All I Love

The hope I have for All I love,
Is the hope they'll one day know His love.
That their hearts will seek His Holiness,
and be sanctified with His precious blood.

I can't imagine a, single day, without Him by my side.
I hope they will feel it too, what His love can do,
it's a peace so ev-er-last-ing.
The Lamb of God, who came to save, us from the jaws of sin.
So I hope and pray each and every day , All I love will let Him in.

Jesus, Son of God, slain before time began.
Christ the King, of everything, the salvation of all man.
Can't you feel His gentle call, He wants to lead you to the light.
Just as I am, He wants no more, for us all he was crucified.


Jay Parr

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