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There値l be no unemployment in heaven.
No worry about the next meal.
There値l be no bills to harass us,
and thieves will not break in and steal.
In heaven, we値l have no need for money;
Everything up there will be free.
We値l enjoy God痴 unsearchable riches,
and have unending security.
I知 looking forward to heaven,
that land that is fairer than day.
Where all will be joy and gladness,
and sorrow and care will flee away.
Up there, no mean words will be spoken.
Each heart will be filled with pure love.
We値l never be hurt or rejected,
in the beautiful city above.
There will be no disappointment or heartache.
God will wipe all the tears from our eyes.
No one will ever be lonely,
and there値l be no anguished good-byes.
Up there, the love we have for each other,
by each heart will be shared equally.
And we値l have all the things that we致e longed
for, and at last we will really be free.

Margaret Wilson Owsley

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