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Have I?

I ask you Jesus, with a humble heart,
Have I pleased you, with the life I have lead.
Have I made you smile with my devotion,
Or have my deeds cause a disappointing tear to be shed.

I wonder Christ if I have done the things,
You have asked me to,
Have I told others about your grace,
Or how I was washed clean by the blood shed by you.

Have I sung your praises with all my heart,
Have I lifted my voice up high.
Or Have I mumbled the words to an old worn out song,
and forgot the meaning and reason the Lamb died.

Have I done the things I needed to do,
Have I praised your name Today?
Have I deserved a single drop of the blood you gave?
Oh, thank God, Grace does not work that way

I do not understand why you love me so.
I can only ask if I am doing my part.
So no matter how badly I have acted in the past
Today I can have a brand new start.

So please,Lord, let me know...Have I?

Jay Parr

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