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In His Hands

In his hands I give my life, although sometimes I am afraid.
Because I am not used to letting go of the control I think I had.
Yet whenever I allow His hands to hold me close to His will,
I begin to see a change in me, and a void starts to be filled.

I see His love all through my life, although I can explain why He's there.
I've fought Him for, oh so long, never thinking that he cared.
My life seemed so empty, but no matter what the cost,
I held onto the control I thought I had until all control I lost.

In His hands I clearly see the way I need to go.
In His hands my life can be the greatest life I'll ever know.
In my hands I made a world so ever out of touch,
with anything that resembles, His Hands perfect love.

SO next time you seem so sad, and the world comes crashing down,
Go to His hands, they are waiting there, with all the precious love that could abound.

Written by Jay Parr

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