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The Hand of Grace

I often wonder where we would be,
If not for His Blessed hand.
For despite our preconceived ideas of how bright we are,
God's love is something we will never quite understand.

You see, He loves us when we hurt Him,
He loves us when we walk away.
Because if God cares for the fallen sparrow,
Just think how much he cares for the one in His image He made!

Despite our rejection and denial,
despite the coldness of our hearts,
God never forsakes our call of mercy,
Despite Satan's poisonous darts.

My mind cannot conceive the love he has for me,
In the world something not near as special is not some thing free.
Yet, Jesus' love is without cost or obligation.
He paid for my salvation with His blood.

So by the Grace of God we survive.
Because of His love and protection we are assured.
Our lives are always in the Hands of Grace.

Jay Parr

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