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Undeserved Grace

He keeps me in the darkest times of my life.
Despite the fact I do not deserve a wisp of His Grace.
How may times will I ask Him to protect me from the situation I freely got myself into;
When I could have avoided my troubles by seeking God's face?

Just because I accepted Him as my Savior, Jesus never leaves me.
Yet I leave Him there grieving over how I forget his teachings every day.
I know he'll take me in His arms when I am lonely.
Despite how far my sin has kept me away.

If the basis of my salvation depended on my ways,
There is no way I could ever achieve it's safety.
I cannot go a day without falling.
Yet, Christ catches me and wipes sin's stain way.

All that I have I owe to Jesus,
Still I am not at peace.
Why can't I accept the provisions He has given,
Instead of doing as I please.

Will I ever understand how much He loves me?
I know I will never deserve that love.
And even in the darkest times,
His light never stops shining from above.

Jay Parr

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