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A Garnish of Praise

This is a special kind of recipe.
Not the kind you serve at meals-
You make it in your heart!

-God's great love, poured out like a drink offering for you
-Some fruits (love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control)
-Faith firm as a rock
-God's word, like honey on our lips (psalm 19:10)
-Your heart and some laughter

-First, you take some faith, and stir it around
-Add some joy and laughter, till it makes a bubbly sound
-Mix in some of God's great love, till it all begins to ring
-Pour in a willing heart
-Serve to the King of Kings!!!

Serving Tips:
-Don't be afraid to share it all around by giving - because when you give, it will come back to you! (Luke 7:38)
-When you're feeling down, offer the garnish of praise as a sacrifice to God! He invites us to give a sacrifice of praise!! (Psalm 107:22)
-You can consume as much praise as you possibly can. Live in him and the ingredients will never run out! (John 4:14)

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