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The Flood

The world was fully evil,
and God had had His fill.
He said, “I will destroy the earth,
because it is My will.”

He looked to see if He could find
a person who served Him.
Noah found favor in His eyes,
He’d destroy the rest of them!

He told Noah, “Build an ark,
and in it you’ll abide.
Build it 300 cubits long
and 50 cubits wide.”

“Bring clean animals on by sevens,
and unclean ones by twos.
And bring along your family,
I’m about to blow a fuse!”

“It’s going to rain on the entire earth
for forty days and nights.
I can’t stand the evil any more,
I am within My rights!”

And so it happened as He’d said,
until the earth was clean.
It was the dankest, wettest place
that you have ever seen!

In the seventh month, Noah’s ark
alit on Mount Ararat.
Three more months, and the mountaintops shone,
but still the ark just sat.

Forty days more he waited,
then sent a raven out
to see if the land was dry yet,
without a single doubt.

Next, he sent a dove out,
but the land was still too wet.
So Noah knew he’d wait a while;
he couldn’t leave just yet.

He sent the dove out once again,
after waiting for a week.
This time, the dove came back to him,
an olive branch in its beak.

Another week, he again sent the dove,
this time it stayed away.
He began getting ready to leave the ark,
for he knew this was the day.

He prepared a sacrifice on the altar
to show his thanks to the Lord.
Because of his faith in Jehovah,
he'd been saved, oh, what a reward!

And God placed a rainbow up in the sky
as a promise, forever to man,
that He would never destroy the earth
with a mighty flood again.

It’s also a promise to His Church,
even when things look real dark,
that no matter what the disaster,
we’ll be safe within His ark.

©Peggy McIlveene
April 11, 2002

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