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He Is Faithful

He is faithful
Faithful to help
Help see beyond the problems of life
Looking into the perfection of peace and joy

He is faithful
Faithful to help carry them in his mighty hands
The same hands that measured the waters
Even that which makes up the oceans
If he carried that, surely, all my problems he could

Never mind the mocker
Who finds talking to God ridiculous
He is a sucker for the known, a rocker to ungodliness
A reprobate mind he has got
To know the living God he cannot
Till the veil over his soul is lifted
By the One he mocks in ignorance
The true living God

I know God is faithful
To pardon the years of ignorance
To wipe away tears that flowed night and day
To strengthen faith in love
Which had caused death by its flight
He is faithful I am sure
For all things are subject to him
So He controls all my plights

It is real
The passion sealed
I in Him and He in me
Love me ever
Leave me never
A heartfelt cry of mine
Always answered with the gentle tug of His Spirit
I just know that He is faithful

Anita Vincent

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