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The Encounter

I ran into Satan the other day.....
didn't know til I got there, I had gone the wrong way,
for his voice was so sweet, how could I have known?
and his face was so beautiful it practically shone!
But his words were like vipers whose poisonous fangs
pierced the very heart of my faith,
The father of lies behind human eyes;
the true person beneath just a wrath.
Blind as I was, I accepted as truth
the kindly advice that he gave,
even smiled and thanked him as I waved good-bye!
(trying my best to be brave)
It wasn't til later the venom took old,
clouding my judgment with doubt.....
Caught in the tide of deliverers died
with depression as my mount.
Bombarded with pain, my hope all but slain,
my battle wore on through the night.....
when I desperately struggled to take just one step
and the Lord led me into His light.
His gentle kindness comforted
and set my heart at ease
through a kindly old spirit He set in my path;
my worry and pain to appease.
Safe from the evil placed in my path,
allowed by the Lord for he knew
His Word would succeed to fill all my need,
and bless me with power anew.
And so, Satan's scheme to steal me away
was foiled yet once again.....
Crushed by the King with the mercy He brings-
delivered from Satan's den.
Restored by His love - renewed in His might,
and wiser than before.....
with my shield of faith now firmly in place,
Lord, I am ready and willing to soar!

Joy Noble

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