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The Miracle of Easter

A woman in Bethany anointed His hair
with perfume, expensive and rare.
And Judas ran off to the Council to tell;
his betrayal began, starting there.

The Last Supper was set in the Upper Room,
His disciples were with him to sup
of the Bread of Life to be given to them,
and the Life Blood poured out in the cup.

He gave thanks, took the bread, and gave it to them,
saying, "This is my Body for you."
The same with the wine, He said, "Here, drink of this,
it's My blood, shed for many; this do."

He said "One of you will deny me this night,
before the cock can crow twice."
Peter said, "Lord, it will never be me!",
but he did, not just once, but thrice.

And He said that the one who dips with Me in the bowl,
is the one who'll betray me this night.
And Judas Iscariot dipped with Him then,
and then he took a big bite.

After He'd supped, to Gethsemane He went,
and fell to the ground to pray.
"If it's Your will, Father, I ask You to take
this cup from me here today."

While He was praying, some men came in.
Judas had told them, "Take heed.
The man that I kiss in the Garden tonight,
is the man that you will need."

They whisked Him before Pontius Pilate,
who asked, "Are you King of the Jews?"
He said, "As you say," and spoke no more words,
no matter how much they accused.

Pilate asked the people, “Who should we release?
Barabbas, or this man right here?”
“Barabbas,” they cried, “is the man that we want!”
“Crucify Jesus,” became their loud cheer.

They draped Him in purple, put thorns on His head,
They mocked Him and spit in His face.
“He says He’s the King, that’s a killing offense,
let’s crucify Him in disgrace.

Simon of Cyrene carried His cross to Golgotha,
The place of “The Skull”, as it’s known.
They pounded their nails in His hands and His feet,
What pain! Hear our precious Lord groan!

Darkness descended from noon until 3,
and then He took His last breath.
The veil of the temple split asunder just then,
heralding our dear Savior’s death.

Joseph of Arimathea took His body down,
and buried Him in his own grave.
For he was of Christ, and he knew why He’d died,
sinful mankind for to save.

On the third day hence, Mary went to the grave,
her Lord’s precious body to view.
But the stone was not there, and His body was gone
and the shroud was lying askew.

An angel was there, and he said to her then,
“He’s not there, for you see, He arose.
Tell the disciples He’ll meet them in Galilee soon.”
She was chilled from her head to her toes.

Thank you, Jesus, for giving Your life up for us,
so that we may be closer to Thee,
and live with You in the mansions above
throughout all eternity!

©Peggy McIlveene
Easter, 2002

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