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“Daddy, Please Send Me”

The Lord of the Heavens looked down to the Garden
The snake in the tree talked to Eve.
His view of what happened left no other choice,
He asked the young couple to leave.
Eve bore two sons, one murdered the other,
Justice in Heaven must be.
Lord of the Heavens said, “What can be done?”
A voice answered, “Daddy...send Me.”
Judges were sent to the earth to correct,
Enshrined are these in Bible history.
Yet, though they prayed, the people still strayed;
Again the voice, “Daddy...send Me!”
Across the countless ages, throughout Bible pages
Ignored was the Prophet’s decree
Vengeance ws reaped and the Lord’s people weeped;
Came the voice, “Please Daddy...send Me!”
The Lord of the Heavens then planted a seed
That someday would grow to a tree
With a tear in His eye, He turned and He spoke,
“As a last resort, Son...I’ll send Thee!”

Ron Baron

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