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The Cup

It often seems in the life we live,
The more we try the more we find,
Our hopes dashed, our dreams quenched,
As this life has left us behind.

In this very moment we stop sometimes,
And ask no one in particular the cause of our fate.
We shake our heads in utter disgust and in total puzzlement,
and wonder how things got in such a state!

Then we choose our direction. We chart our course.
We decide which path our journey will go.
Then sometime later find ourselves in the very same place,
A place so familiar, a place we wish we did not know.

Perhaps, this time, we hope,
Our lives will turn out better.
But deep inside, and less deep each time,
We expect more stormy weather.

There is a solution for the walls,
With which we often collide,
Although most won't seek that hope,
It is sometimes easier to hide.

The pain we feel, the hurt we live,
Can be eased if we choose to give up,
And accept the offer of Jesus,
Who chose to accept the cup.

Christ gave his life for our future.
He lives despite the grave.
When the world seems to be closing in and there seems no hope,
Like Christ, choose to take up the cross and be washed with the blood that saves

Jay Parr

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