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The Creation

Day 1—Unfinished Earth & Heavens; Day & Night:

At the first, God created the heavens & earth,
though the earth was a dark, formless waste.
There was nothing to hear and nothing to see,
and nothing to feel or to taste.

It was totally black as He looked all around,
so He ordered, “Let there be light!”
“And the light,” He said, “I will surely call day,
and the darkness, I will call night.”

The morning came, the evening was done.
He saw it was good; that ended Day One.

Day 2—Earth & Sky:

And He said, “Let there be an expanse to divide
the waters below from above.”
And they became known from that day on
as the Earth and the heavens above.

The morning was over, the evening was through,
He saw it was good; that ended Day Two.

Day 3—Dry Land & Seas; Plants & Trees:

Next, He divided the dry land from the waters,
and called them Earth and Seas.
And grew some great vegetation next,
all sorts of plants and trees.

“Everything’s wonderful, in all that I see!”
He saw it was good; that ended Day Three.

Day 4—Sun, Moon & Stars:

Then He distinguished evening from dawn,
by creating three different lights.
He first put the sun in the heavens for day,
then the moon in the heavens for night.

Then threw in some stars, told the heavens, “Shine more,
and light My new earth from now on.
I don’t like the darkness, I only like light.”
And so very brightly they shone.

He said, “Tomorrow, I’ll create some more.”
He saw it was good; that ended Day Four.

Day 5—Creatures, Above & Below:

Then He said, “Let’s have some creatures
in the seas and in the sky.”
So the waters teemed, just like He said,
and birds began to fly.

So the day closed out on those alive.
He saw it was good; that ended Day Five.

Day 6—Man, with Dominion Over All:

Then He wanted more living creatures,
like cattle and creepers and stuff,
He said, “Let Us make man in Our image,
these creatures aren’t enough.

and give man charge over all the Earth,
over creatures, great and small.”
So male and female, He created them,
but even that wasn’t all.

He told them, “Enjoy the plants and fruits,
I’ve put them here for you.
Eat your fill and enjoy your new lives,
and have many children, too!”

He looked around, there was nothing to fix.
He saw it was good; that ended Day Six.

Day 7—Day of Rest:

And He realized He’d done His best,
He’d done all that He wanted to do.
And so He thought He’d take a rest,
now that His work was through.

Things looked great on both Earth and in heaven.
Thank the Lord, it was finally Day Seven!

©copyright Peggy McIlveene
April 1, 2002

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