Thank-you LORD
I was preparing another post when the Lord spoke to my heart about the importance of this. I do not know whom the Spirit has in mind but I know it matters.

I am often asked, Why does God allow suffering and pain?

First, God has little to do with pain. Pain came into the world because of sin (Gen. 3). Eve ate of the forbidden fruit and gave to Adam who also ate. By committing this act of disobedience death, pain and suffering entered into the world that before had been perfect.

Will god use suffering to work his will? Yes. Romans 8:28 teaches us that all things, that includes pain, work to the good of those that love God. A lost man is indeed to be pitied because he must suffer misery alone. A saved man has God right there in the trenches with him when everything falls apart.

The worst day of my life was Nov. 25, 1969. I had separated from the military after 30 months in Viet Nam and I spent the entire day in the airport in San Antonio, wishing I was home. It's a long story why I couldn't get home for Thanksgiving and not relevant to this message.

As a saved man, I believe every word of the Bible to be truth. Doing so I accept predestination as a fact. Now, as I look back at that day, I realize that I spent that day with my Lord at my side. Jesus knew the very moment that I would be saved and He has had the Spirit working with me the entire time.

Did I suffer in Viet Nam? It broke my heart. I, however will tell you, without a question that I would not be the man I am today without Viet Nam behind me. The same is true for that untimely, from a human stand point, day in San Antonio. God has used each of these experiences to teach me about Him and about me. Do I get mad at God? I am often amazed that He doesn't kill me. But you see God is right there with me even when I am angry because He has seen fit to teach me some tidbit that will cause me to grow. God even uses my ill feelings to teach me lessons about life and eternity.

What it all comes down to is that no matter what happens to me, God, through the Holy Spirit, is always there with me. I am getting better at being like Job, I can now thank God even for the bad times. It is in the bad times, when I have come to the end of myself that I step out of the way and watch God begin to work. It is during these times that I experience the most unforgettable lessons from the hand of my Lord.

Have you prayed and thanked Him for the growth that you've experienced because of trials?