Many today seek an easy path. The shame of it all is that what they seek is at their very fingertips. The truth needs simply to be grasped. Everyone has a belief they hold in high esteem. For the naturalist this is the theory of evolution. This of course must be founded on the big bang theory. The theory of evolution has proven itself of no value what so ever. In all the years of searching science has yet to provide its supporters with one concrete piece of evidence. Every much-touted discovery has proven to be false. The men of science have over stepped truth and honesty to falsify they're discoveries in order to create headlines and stir interest.

The Big Bang Theory has fared even worse. Science has succeeded in proving that nothing can be produced from nothing. Indeed, for the big bang theory to work there is immediate need of God. The scientist can be proud of his accomplishments in this field for he has left no evidence untried.

One must admire the faithful for continued belief in the face of the lack of evidence. The Christian on the other hand has as physical evidence the ancient scrolls that are almost to numerous to count. Couple the scrolls with the information contained in them that has proven to be 100% accurate with the archaeological digs of the past 100 years and one cannot help but to see that the Christian faith is an evidential faith.

Then also one must consider the prophecies contained in Scripture. It has been worked out by prominent mathematicians to show that for Jesus to have fulfilled just eight of the prophecies from 400 years before his time the chance was less than one in 100,000,000,000. This is perhaps best viewed in the following illustration. If enough one-inch tiles were made to cover the entire surface, including the oceans, and one was marked on the bottom and then spread across the earth, one would have about the same chance of successfully locating that tile on the first attempt as Jesus had for fulfilling those eight prophecies. And yet Jesus fulfilled the more than 300 prophecies of his coming, some of which were over 2,000 years old. Add in the rest of the evidence and we Christians do indeed stand on a foundation of rock.