Victory, even at the end

Tomorrow my wife and I will attend the funeral of a relative that is younger than we. This young man, Billy, lived his life as hard and fast as he could, without God.

Earlier this week the pastor at a church we used to attend visited him in the hospital. Billy had thanked all the doctors for their attempts to cure the cancer and was not bitter that the end had come. However when this fine man of God told him that there was only one thing worse than dying he was curious as to what it was. He was told that it was dying without Jesus.

A sad look came over his face as the pastor asked him if he had Jesus. He was honest and answered no, further stating that he had been to bad for God to ever forgive him. The man of God told him that just wasn't true and set about proving it to him and showing him in the scriptures what God had to say about it. The pastor finished with the question, "Wouldn't you like to have Jesus for your savior?"

He answered, "Yes."

He was then told how to pray the sinners prayer and he did so. I'm told there were great floods of tears as he appoligised to God for not being able to give some of his life to Him. Afterward Billy was found to be very happy and very much at peace with his demise.

Billy passed about ten minutes after his mothers last visit with him. Billy had lapsed into a comma and was just this side of death for quite some time. It became apparent to another relative that Billy was holding on, not wanting to desert his Mother.

When his mom was told that she needed to tell him it was ok to go on with Jesus, she replied that he would never hear her. Another family member assured her he would hear and respond to her release.

She went in and took his hand and told him she would be ok with this and others would care for her, to go on and go with Jesus. From his unconsciousness he squeezed her hand then died.

Billy is in Heaven today! He'll be there as each of us that are saved follow him home. Jesus saves and does not require anything from you but belief and repentance, two things everyone can manage.

Are you lost? Won't you please go to heaven with me? Just ask for forgiveness, turn from sin and worship God.

In His service,
Bill Taylor