A Love Story

Jesus died on the cross for all mankind about 2000 years ago. There is not much appreciation for this kindness today, not even in the church. Most people today have been made cold to this death by a series of events that have dulled the truth. These events include paintings that are much to kind for the event and preachers that do not want to upset the congregation.

In the paintings of Jesus the markings of the beating He received at the hand of the torturer are not visible or they are simple red lines that are inconsequential in appearance. To understand what Jesus went through one must study the history of these events as well as the customs of the perpetrators of these events.

For instance the flogging post, this is generally thought to be a post where one was stretched upward to render one immobile. In truth however it seems, from the extensive studies on the matter by Charles Swindol of the Dallas Baptist Seminary, that the flogging post was just tall enough to bend a man over with tie rings attached to the floor to secure the subjects hands and feet to render him immobile with the back made an easy target.

The whip was a terrible devise composed of bits of bone and metal to dig into the flesh and rip it loose as it was jerked back to the rear of the soldier administering the punishment. Add to this lead weight, to give momentum and a force that would crack ribs of the sentenced and you have the instrument of choice.

The Jews, being mindful of the rules of punishment, and the Romans not wanting insurrection from the Jews, kept the count of lashes at 39. This beating would often kill the recipient. The pain was so very intense that the person being flogged would escape by passing into unconsciousness long before the beating was finished. To keep them awake, a salt-water solution was poured onto the wounds. Pain was used to keep the punished aware of the pain. By the completion of this terrible step Jesus was very week from losing so much blood.

His beard had been ripped out of His face by hand. He had been beaten with men's fists while tied; His face was black and blue. His upper body would have resembled chopped beef and great portions of His blood had spilled leaving Him weak. This was the condition of the man nailed to the cross that day. This God Man that could have called at any moment 72,000 angles to his defense. He went to the cross of His own free will, He loves you that much.