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Belton Cowboy Church

,,,Saddle up your horses and come on down!!!
We're here every Monday night from 7 pm till ?
At 4049 Morgans Point Raod, Morgans Point, Texas

"Jesus Is Their King!!!"

At a steakhouse down in Texas, why there's cowboys gathered round.
Every Mondy night they'll share the news about a friend they've found.
They'll talk about His mercy, and how His grace is free,
And about how He gave His life for an old outlaw like me.

They'll talk about His miracles, and how He heals broken hearts,
why He'll put homes back together, that the devil's torn apart.
Yeah, they're singing out His praise's to them He's quite a star.
They've even found what they couldn't find in them honky tonks and bars.

Some have found the freedom from drugs and alcohol,
while other's found a new life where there weren't no life at all.
He's given them direction and changed their desires
Just ask em what He's done, why they can talk for hours.

They worship Him the cowboy way, from deep down in the heart
Cause when God starts a callin you that's where he's gonna start.,
They've learned if they'll just limber, and let Jesus take the reins,
why they ain't no mountain to tall, they can do anything.

At that steakhouse they'll be glad to share the news,
it won't matter if you're in boots and jeans, or shorts and tennis shoes
Why they'll welcome you with open arms and you'll be glad you came,
cause when His Hole Spirit flows over you,you'll never be the same.

Well the music may be country, and the preacher dressed in jeans,
but at that steakhouse down in Texas JESUS IS THEIR KING!!!

By the Grace of God
By the Love and from the heart
written by the hand of
Jerry Way

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