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"A La Carte" Pet Sitting
& Concierge Services
(Est. 1999)

Daily Visits to Your Pets (in Your Home),
Errands, and Vacation Plant/Lawn Watering

Austin, Texas
(Service Area: Inside I-35 to 620 and Wells Branch to Dripping Springs)
"If your pets can't go with you, they'd rather be at home. We visit your pets in your home every day so they won't be lonely or confined while you're away. We'll even take care of your plants, errands, and chores too!"
Cindy, the Owner "Slater," her Wonder Dog

"Max & Gulliver"

Visits to your Home (click here) Vacation Connection!
Once you have a trusted Professional Pet Sitter to care for your pets, you can spontaneously go out of town in an emergency or just for fun!

Concierge Services (click here) More Free Time!

Plant & Lawn Watering (click here) Indoor or Outdoor!

Your pets will be lovingly and professionally cared for by well-trained, pet-loving professionals and you'll no longer need to impose on family, friends or neighbors. You can travel guilt-free knowing that your pets are safe and happy at home with their own toys, smells, food, and routine and that they'll be contentedly snoozing and ecstatic to see you the minute you get home -- no more rushed, stressful trips to take them or pick them up from the veterinarian or kennel after your trip when you're tired or trying to get back to work. You also won't be missing your pets and paying for additional days when you arrive home and the kennel is closed!

A La Carte Services has mature, experienced Associates who love animals and plants. Each Associate has been carefully chosen for his or her particular skills and has been screened with background security checks. All are bonded and insured through Travelers Insurance Company. Among our Associates are experienced Veterinary Technicians, a trained E.M.T., an Aquatics and Reptile Specialist, a Registered Nurse, a Flight Attendant, grandmothers, college students , and other professionals.

We will fax, mail, or E-Mail (Acrobat .pdf format) our "Client Information" form to you which tells us how to reach you while you're away and details your specific requirements for your pets and home. Then, we'll schedule a free "orientation meeting" in your home to meet you and your pets, and understand their needs and any other requirements for the care of your home while you're away. We love pets and gardens and will give them gentle, thorough care and you'll have peace of mind when business, vacations, or emergencies take you away from home. For more details about our services and prices, please click here.

Please e-mail ( or call us at (512) 342-2399 for more information.

Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Military, Seniors receive a 10% Discount

*Bonded and Insured by Travelers Insurance Co.