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The Spirit of 76

3rd Bn 76th Field Artillery
3rd Infantry Division

Kitzengen, Germany
1962 to 1966
The Bn. was issued the first
M109's (SP 155MM How.)
to be used in Germany

Officers and NCO's
A Btry. 3/76th Field Artillery, 3rd Inf. Div.
on field training in Germany
(L to R) Capt. Cotner, Lt. Meck, Lt. Owen Perron,
SFC Ball and 1st Sgt. Russie

The Italian Government bought 24 M109's in 1963 and sent 30 Italian Soldiers to the Bn. for training on M109's. I instructed them for 30 days on the operation of the M109. When they returned to Italy I went TDY for 30 days to help process the M109's prior to issuing them to an Artillery Unit. At this time I was Chief Of Firing Battery for A Battery. Later I was promoted to 1st Seageant of A Btry.

'King of Battle'