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1999 Arnett Reunion

Pictures from the '99 Arnett Family Reunion

Vickie Powell and her kids, John and April
Thank You for making such a family!
Linda Coates
There is not a more beautiful redhead than her!
Alex Richters and his new baby boy Clay
Scott and Donna Darden traveled the farthest, all the way from North Carolina

shhh, if she can't wake him you really think you can?

Alex and his Aunt Susie
Bill and Juanita are always represented well.
23 this difficult year.
Six from Irene and B.D. made it this year less than a month after their first ever Rice reunion.
Joan was only one shy of 100% and made up with it by having two guests
Thanks Bea, your the Best
Lillian and her girls
Thanks for making it work Gail
Lucille and Earnest brought 27 this year. Five minutes after the Sunday service...
Don and Susie's group was all that was left!!

Earlier pictures next year

Fred was 100% +1


Garrett and Louise can thank Pam for missing their 100%
Lucille has heard this story before but she won't spoil it for Jill and Louise
The family meeting is always a crowd pleaser
The Ashby's
Becky, Beth Ann and Gail
If we smile real big will you bring us something to drink?
Gary dunked his baby girl
Now I understand why Kevin was cautious about bringing his
Jill and David Ellis
Texans again, well almost
Ashley, Baby Bobbie and Kara
Sunday morning breakfast
complete with watermelon
sugar, spice and everything nice
Neelie rides the Blanco
Saturday's supper
Taylor, you let your sister play with the turtle!