This is an Amber PBEM game. This game starts near the ending of the Patternfall War.

With the Jewel of Judgment in Brand's possesion he begins to dream of creating his own universe where he is supreme ruler and that his brothers and sister shall be his servants. But, with a well aimed silver arrow from Caine, Brand's dream is shattered, and he falls into the Abyss, dragging Deidre with him. A bright light shines from the Abyss as the Jewel of Judgement falls into the Abyss.

Unknown to the others, Corwin has already created a new Pattern out in the far reaches of Shadow, Oberon sends a message to his children stating that he has failed in reparing the Pattern and that the Storms of Chaos are now destorying shadows and that it is headed towards Amber.

The Unicorn travels into the Abyss and retrives the Jewel of Judgement. The Unicorn offers the Jewel to Random who accepts it. It is at that point that all of those gathered accept Random as their King. Corwin then instructs Random on using the Jewel and he drives the storms of Chaos away.

Corwin, Benedict and Fiona remain behind to discuss terms with the broken army of Chaos. The remainder return to Amber.... To find Brand crowned King of Amber....

Ten Years has passed in Amber even though it only took a few days for the return of Random and the others. Gerard was rumoured to be killed, he was beheaded by Brand and he was called a traitor. Upon seeing Random returned with the Jewel, Random and Martin are imprisioned. Julian escapes out into Arden. Caine escape to the harbor at Amber's Port and sails away. King Brand declares that Caine and Julian are traitors and shall be killed on site. Bleys has made Prime Minister of Affairs. Llwellea retires to Rebma. Flora accepts a position of Chancellor of Diplomatic Affairs. It becomes her job to help reunite the Golden Circle.

As for the Children of his brothers and sisters, King Brand has kept a close ties on them. They are kept at the Castle and not allowed to leave port. For some unknown reason, Trumps have stopped working. Magic has been outlawed unless it has been sanctioned by the Crown.

King Brand has declared a ball to celebrated his one year anniversiary to his wife Estelle, the daughter of King Vandryl of Bergma. All are required to attend.

If you wish to play in this PBeM game plese read over the rules and then go to the create page and answer the quiz and mail your character and the quiz to :


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