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My Gartman Family


Sarah Elizabeth Gartman


(Daughter of Daniel and Elizabeth A Tucker Gartman)

On September 19, 1872, William Andrew Stone married Sarah Elizabeth Gartman in Comanche county Texas. William and Sarah bore eight children that we are aware of.

Sarah was born in 1856 in Alabama to Daniel Gartman and his wife Elizabeth A Tucker Gartman. She moved to Texas at some point and lived near her uncle (Daniel's brother) Thomas Barthalomew Gartman who also lived in Comanche county.

In Comanche, Comanche county, Texas, there is a church that is called Gartman's view Baptist church. It is told that this church was built on land donated by Thomas B Gartman, and it was given its name because Mr. Gartman loved the view of the surrounding area from this site.

Sarah Elizabeth Gartman Stone died in Comanche county ain 1896. She preceded the rest of her family in death. After her death her family moved to Mason County Texas.


Sarah Elizabeth Gartman Stone's Parents

Daniel Gartman and Elizabeth A Tucker were both born in Alabama. Daniel was in the Union Army, even though he was a native of Alabama. Daniel enlisted at Camp Butler Illinois, and he died in Kentucky in the 1860s.

After Daniel died, Elizabeth married James Prewitt in Illinois. At some point this family came to Texas. When they came is inknown, but it would has to have been between 1865-1872. There were several children born to this Prewitt/Gartman-Tucker Union.

After James Prewitt died, Elizabeth married a man named Chisolm, and spent the remainder of her life in Llano Texas. She was known throughout her family as "Grandma Prewitt", even though she had married Mr. Chisolm.

Those alive today, remember her as a woman who smoked a corncob pipe, and her hair up in a bun. My father has remembered a picture he thinks was of her, that hung on thier wall when he was a boy. He said she had long braided black hair and looked very much like an Indian.


I have a picture of William and Sarah E Gartman Stone with thier family and I will place it here soon, I also have another Gartman Picture to place here as well. There are many other things to be filled in on this page. So keep checking back!


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