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"Before you enter Olympus we would like to tell you that this is a site for us. We do not have that many sites dedicated to us. We would also like to say that we do support the shows. Xena has become alright and Hercules...well we've become used to him. That's how family is. We support Ares and Xena and do wish that Ares and Xena would admit to the feelings they obviously have for each other. One minute they're fighting and the next they can't keep their hands off each other (when you enter don't mention any of this to Ares). Also we have grown attached to Gabrielle as well. And boy does she and that Virgil man look good together! We made the graphics below to show our support of their relationship. Come on in through those gates above."

"I'm sorry that we're not supportive of subtext, we respect those that are. So no hard feelings, ok?"