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Darque Ideas

What to expect from this webpage.

Okay...I know....I've been slacking, but I haven't been able to get near a computer in a while. For those who want to know, I'll be putting new stuff up in a few weeks hopefully. Just did a migration to a different part of the country, and it has taken most of my time. Thank you for your patience.

First off, I would like to thank everyone showing their face here. We are really starting to take off. I could not do it with out the help of my wife Ladycat, or the minds of those who let me show their work. They deserve the credit due to them also, so if you would sign the guestbook and make your presence known, I and the rest of the crew would appreciate it greatly.

I hope you like the new title image... If you want to seeLadykiller , here she is...It's still one of my favorite drawings and I can't just get rid of it.

Here's a new section for everyone. ThePoets' Page is now in operation. If you are into poetry, I have a few poets who love to share with everyone.

Also one of the other main areas that I have up now is the Writer's Corner. It will include short stories and other prose given to me by people from all over... There are a lot of good stroies here that I suggest you check out
click here if you would like to see my Lady Angel of Darqueness.
Here are a few other pictures to open your eyes to the Darqueness



These are some cool sites to check out. Hope you like'em!

Angelfire - Put up your own smut! Voice your own twisted views and Ideas!
Netpoets - Lots of good poems here! From the serious to the lame, but very excellent!
Dark Matter- This is a good web page to visit.
Alicat's Studio- This page was put up by someone I think to be one of the most powerful poets I know. I would consider his work to be near unmatched.