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WE DID IT! A new Guinness world record - 2112 dogs walked at once!

On Saturday, February 20th, 1999, Texas Hearing and Service Dogs held their "Mighty Texas Dog Walk" and set a new record for the Guinness Book of Records, for the most dogs walked at one time. The record still has to be confirmed by Guinness, but the count at the end of the race was 2,112, almost double the previous world record. Here are some pictures from the event. More will be added as they get developed. If you have photos from the walk, get copies to Jay Brandt, and he will add them here.

We got international TV coverage for the event. A lady in Aldinga Beach - South Australia, e-mailed us to say she had seen the walk on TV there, and that they "...zoomed on a Berner pulling a cart.". That must have been Crusader. Of three Berners that we know were in the walk, he was the only one carting.

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All photos by Jay Brandt, unless otherwise noted
Page updated 2/26/99

Jim Repass (with covered wagon and 2 Newfoundlands, Bonnie and Linsey);
Dick Shumer (seated) with his Newfoundland, Buddy;
Laurie Brandt (behind Dick);
Cathy Comstock (in light blue shirt) with Thunder.

Janice Swenson with her Great Pyrenese, Sonny; Jim Repass;
Cathy Comstock with Thunder (foreground)
Lynn McConnell (behind Cathy, with leash on shoulder); Dick Schumer.

Members of the Capital Canine Carting club get ready for the Dog Walk.


Victoria Brandt and her Bernese Mountain Dog, Crusader, watch the crowd gather, as they wait for starting time.

The crowd prior to the start of the walk.

Starting out on the first hill

Waiting to cross the bridge into Pease Park. Some people down below climbed down the banks and crossed Shoal Creek on foot.

Crossing the bridge into Pease Park

Victoria and Crusader stop for a break in Pease Park