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An alphabetical list by war, of the men and women of Hopkins county who gave their lives in defense of our country during a specified period of wartime.

These names are inscribed on a plaque located on the second floor, northwest corner of the historic Hopkins county courthouse.

(legend of death status:   kia=killed in action;     dow= died of wounds;     ocd= other causes of death;     ocf= other causative factors;     doi=died of injuries;     dnb= died, non-battle;     fod= finding of death;    mia= missing in action)



                            War                                            WORLD WAR 1 (04/16/1917 to 11/11/1918)

                Last Name            First Name  Middle Name Rank    Branch  Seviceno Birthdate          Death     Status                     

                Attaway                 Carroll                            PFC       USA      2225686                09/22/18                  KIA                              

                Bennett                  John            M.                PVT       USA      2251353                11/12/18                  OCF           

                Blankenship             Richard                           PVT       USA      2225557                09/30/18                  KIA                              

                        Boss                     Harley          E.                PVT       USA      2804237                10/01/18                  DOW          

                Boyd                     Gordon         R.                PVT       USA      2251357                09/26/18                  KIA            

                Buckhanan              Archie                            PVT       USA                11/12/17                  OCD                             

                Butler                    George         F.                PVT       USA      3604741                02/01/19                  OCF           

                Click                     James          B.                PVT       USA                01/02/18                  OCD           

                Currey                   John            E.                CPL       USA      1497415                10/13/18                  KIA            

                Day                      Ben             M.                PVT       USA      2251368                11/04/18                  DOW          

                Eden                     George         A.                PVT       USA      2225708                09/28/18                  KIA            

                Gafford                  Joe                               PVT       USA      1126209                11/08/18                  OCD                             

                Garvin                   Earl             D.                PVT       USA      1189453                10/22/18                  OCD           

                Good                    David           E.                PVT       USA      1497503                10/09/18                  KIA            

                Griggs                   Robert          O.                PVT       USA      2242439                07/19/18                  KIA            

                Holloway                Garvin                            FN        USA      3504732                11/08/18                  OCD                             

                Holt                      George         M.                PVT       USA      1761381                03/28/18                  OCD           

                Hood                    James          H.                PVT       USA      2235889                10/02/18                  KIA            

                Jones                    Collicius                          PVT       USA      1510873                10/10/18                  OCD                             

                Kincaid                  Walter          F.                PVT       USA      1497524                07/15/18                  KIA            

                Mattison                 William         O.                PVT       USA      3504713                11/08/18                  KIA            

                McCord                  Esca                              CPL       USA      2251419                09/26/18                  KIA                              

                Minter                   Grigsby                           SGT      USA      2337439                04/25/20                  OCD                             

                Sanders                 Dennie         L.                PVT       USA      1497553                10/06/18                  DOW          

                Smith                    Dave           P.                PVT       USA      2251457                10/12/18                  OCD           

                        Tacker                            Fred                              PVT       USA                12/06/17                  OCD                             

                Taylor                   Charles         E                 PVT       USA                11/09/17                  OCD           

                Taylor                   Fount                             PVT       USA      2241717                04/21/18                  OCD                             

                Vaughn                  Lewis                             PVT       USA      1483817                10/20/18                  OCD                             

                Woods                   Clarence       A.                PVT       USA      3523032                10/13/18                  OCD           


WORLD WAR II  (12/07/1941 to 12/31/1946)

                Last Name            First Name  Middle Name Rank    Branch  Seviceno Birthdate           Death     Status                     

                Agee                    Douglas        H.                SSGT     USA      18124795                KIA                     

                Alford                    Ottis            D.                SGT      USA      38300508                11/00/43                  KIA            

                Anderson                Roy             J.                 PVT       USA      18006185                KIA                     

                Askew                   B.               Z. O.              PFC       USA      38476100                KIA                     

                Bailey                   Robert          H.                PFC       USA                09/13/45                  KIA            

                Ballard                  Fred                              PVT       USA      18127216                KIA                     

                Barnard                 Wilson                            1LT       USA      01999929                KIA                     

                Beeson                  Edward         W.                PFC       USA      38631423                DOW                    

                Blackburn               L.               C.                SGT      USA      6293323                DNB                    

                Bolton                   Robert          D.                PFC       USA      38685968                KIA                     

                Brand                    Everett         E.                SN        USNR                              

                Buckholt                 William         T.                PFC       USA      38477887                DOW                    

                Burkhart                 Richard         J.                 SGT      USA      38062359                KIA                     

                Burkhart                 Steve           C. Jr.             SN        USN                                

                Carroll                   Troy            D.                PVT       USA      38641081                DOW                    

                Castle                   Eugene                           PFC       USA      6295894                KIA                     

                Chapman                Gaylon         M.                SGT      USA      18128018                KIA                     

                Coffey                   Harris           H.                SGT      USA      6271013                KIA                     

                Coffey                   Thomas        Ray                         USN                         6/19/20                09/04/43                  KIA            

                Combs                   Jim             D.                SSGT     USA      6255000                KIA                     

                Combs                   Orval           F.                SGT      USA      38300529                KIA                     

                Coppedge               William         H.                SSGT     USA      38473491                KIA                     

                Crabb                    John            R.                PFC       USA      38300540                KIA                     

                Crabtree                 Erwin           T.                PVT       USA      38304275                DOW                    

                Dempsey                James          D.                2LT       USA      0-763103                DNB                    

                Dennis                   Woodrow       W.                SN2       USN                10/00/43                  MIA            

                Drake                    J.               F.                PVT       USA      38304257                KIA                     

                Easley                   James          H.                PVT       USA      38481916                KIA                     

                Fanning                 Truman                           TEC5      USA      38041919                KIA                     

                Fisher                   Billy            J.                 PVT       USA      38479614                KIA                     

                Flournoy                 Edward         O.                PFC       USA      38481892                KIA                     

                Fort                      James          P.                PVT       USA      38646078                DNB                    

                Foster                   Albert          S.                PFC       USA      38038060                KIA                     

                Frazier                  George         G.                PFC       USMC                              

                French                   G,              L.                SSGT     USA      6277512                02/20/45                  KIA            

                Funderburk              William         T.                MSGT     USA      6278192                DNB                    

                Goldsmith               W.              A.                PVT       USA      38641419                KIA                     

                Harmon                  Lloas           Ray                07/02/45                 

                Harrelson                James          B.                PFC       USA                06/13/44                  KIA            

                Harrington               Beale                             SGT      USA      38040300                DOW                    

                Harris                    William         L.                SGT      USA      38082657                KIA                     

                Henley                   T.               B.                SGT      USMC                              

                Holmes                  Merness        I.                 MSGT                ?                        

                Hooks                    C.               L.                PFC       USA      38687278                KIA                     

                Humphrey               Nello                              PFC       USA      38685961                KIA                     

                Humphrey               Royal           T.                SGT      USA      38202665                DNB                    

                Janecek                 Rudolph                          PFC       USA      18005048                KIA                     

                Jennings                Louis           C. Jr.             PVT       USA                11/10/44                  KIA            

                Johnson                 James          H. Jr.             SSGT     USA                03/19/44                  KIA            

                Keener                  Jimmie         C.                SM1      USN                                

                Kennimer                Earl             D.                SSGT     USA                                                              04/13/45       KIA                        

                King                     Santford        R.                SGT      USA      18034441                DNB                    

                Kirkpatrick               Seba           W.                1LT       USA                10/00/43                  KIA            

                Knight                   Delbert         R.                CPL       USA      38481886                KIA                     

                Lawrence               Oliver          W.                TSGT     USA      18124847                KIA                     

                Long                     Jack                              TEC4      USA      38476215                DNB                    

                Luttrell                  Peter           H. Jr.             PVT       USA      38687285                KIA                     

                Marks                    George         W.                PFC       USA      38473476                KIA                     

                Martin                   Ocie            D.                PFC       USA                00/00/45                  MIA

                Mathews                 William         R.                PVT       USA      38037239                                

                McCormack              Orville          E.                SSGT     USA      38140500                KIA                     

                McDonald               Edward         L.                SSGT     USA      18005489                KIA                     

                McIntire                 William         I.                 SSGT     USA      38300557                KIA                     

                McKenzie                Cletius          J.                 SN        USN                                

                McKinney                Murray         Charlton         Lt.        USAAF    ?                  4/16/20                07-07-43                  KIA            

                McLane                  Thurman       E.                SSGT     USA      6277991                DOW                    

                Melton                   Wayland       N.                SSGT     USA      38436100                DNB                    

                Minter                   V.               T.                PVT       USA      38039572                DNB                    

                Mobley                  Oscar           E.                SGT      USA      6954776                KIA                     

                Moore                   R.               D.                PFC       USA      38473498                KIA                     

                Moten                   George         W.                PVT       USA                       6/20/2022                17/17/44                  KIA            

                Nickols                  Carmon        J.                 2LT       USA      O-775992                KIA                     

                Noble                    Alvis            D.                2LT       USA      O-763821                FOD                    

                Parker                   Billy            F.                PFC       USA      38305225                KIA                     

                Parker                   James          E.                SGT      USA      18034495                DNB                    

                Patterson                Harold          L.                SN        USN                                

                Patterson                Loyd            A.                PFC       USA                03/00/45                  KIA                              

                Peacock                 Francis         L.                SGT      USA                03/14/45                  KIA            

                Purdey                  James          D.                                                        3/3/2021                08/03/43                  KIA            

                Qualls                   James          D.                PVT       USA      38685926                KIA

                Quintanillo              Gerardo        SSGT            USA                  38025967                KIA                     

                Ray                      Loyd            C.                SSGT     USA      6276714                KIA                     

                Roberts                  Gordon         R.                CPL       USA      38300546                KIA                     

                Searls                   Waymon       D.                LTJG     USN                                

                Smith                    Jim             S.                PFC       USA      38082651                KIA                     

                Spangler                John            T.                PVT       USA      38017166                KIA                     

                Stacks                   Frank           A.                PFC       USMC                11/07/43                  KIA            

                Stewart                  Claxton         K.                SN3       USN                04/00/43                  OCD           

                Summers                Dee             B.                PFC       USA      38479452                DNB                    

                Swais                    John            T.                Capt.     USAAF                02/26/43                  KIA            

                Tanton                   Andrew         Troy                         USMC                KIA                     

                Taylor                   Charles         H.                SSGT     USA      18242058                DNB                    

                Taylor                   Emmitt         B.                TEC5      USA      38139449                DNB                    

                Teague                  Lonnie         A.                CPL       USA                07/12/44                  KIA            

                Thomas                  William         John             TSGT     USA      6282002                KIA                     

                Watson                  Julius           E.                ENS       USNR                              

                Weaver                  Marvin          R.                SN1       USN                                                              12/00/44       OCD                       

                Westbrook               James          D.                           USAAF                04/00/45                  KIA            

                White                    Robert          E.                PFC       USA      18218113                KIA                     

                Wren                    Henry           Ardis             SN2       USN                02/00/44                  OCD           

                Young                   Guy             E.                PVT       USA      38473461                KIA                     


KOREA  (06/27/1950 to 01/31/1955)

                   Last Name            First Name  Middle Name Rank    Branch  Seviceno  Birthdate         Death     Status                     

                        Arthur                   Bobbie         R.                PFC       USMC                DOW                    

                Chapman                Sam                              SFC       USA                11/30/50                  DOW                             

                Clifton                   Sammie        L.                PVT       USA                03/26/51                  DOW

                        Hardin                            Ivon                  H.                        MSGT       USA                        11/30/50                          KIA            

                Hart                      James, Jr.                        MSGT     USA                12/02/50                  DOW                             

                Martin                   John            A.                PFC       USA                07/16/50                  DOW          

VIETNAM  (02/28/1961 to 05/07/1975)

                Last Name            First Name  Middle Name Rank    Branch  Seviceno         Birthdate       Death  Status     

                Burns   (Navy Cross)     Dewey          Ray, Jr.          HM3      USN      461900253     10/10/1948                09/13/69                  KIA 

                Hagan                   Robert          Albert, Jr.        SP4       USA                       7/24/1947                10/23/68                  KIA            

                Minter                   Wilbur          Loving, Jr.       LCPL     USMC     2729769         9/26/1946                03/14/68                  KIA            

                Spangler                        Max            Ray              SP4           USA                              4/2/1949 01/12/68     KIA 








Last Name          First Name    Middle Name                  Rank    Branch  Seviceno         Birthdate       Death  Status     

Lloyd                                   Michael             C.                                           SSGT            USA                                                      08/12/2006    KIA




Transcribed by Captain Joe Reid Scott, USN (Retired)   Hopkins County Veterans Service Officer