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Chant with Meanings

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  ..Dedicated unto the Lotus Feet of the Lotus Eyed Lord Sri Maha Vishnu ..Jagannath Vedula..

JalamVishnuh sthalam vishnuh vishnur-aakaashmuchhate
sarvamjagam vishnuh sarvam vishnumayam jagat

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Vishnu the term is dissolved as " veveshti Vyaapnoti iti Vishnuh." He is the one and only one who pervades all and nothing ever pervades him. The Greatest Dharma is the one Vishnu, who has neither a beginning nor an end, the Lotus Eyed Supreme Lord of the Universe. The "Cause" of the whole Universe is the Lord Vishnu and all the effects are but expressions of the "Cause"  Lord Vishnu.

VISHNU SAHASTRANAMAM the ultimate guide for the seeker. VISHNU SAHASTRANAMAM was composed by Sri Veda Vyaasa. We find this great chant in the last chapter of Mahabharata where in Prince Yudhistra asks Bheeshma pitaamaha, when the mighty grandsire of the Kuru Vansha lay in the battlefield unconquered and awaiting the sacred hour for the departure unto the Lotus feet of the Lotus eyed Lord. Yudhisthira listens to the secrets of DHARMA and KARMA with utmost devotion and attention and then puts the six questions to Pitaamaha. Pitaamaha answers them and proceeds to recite the One Thousand names Of the Nameless, Lord Maha Vishnu.

There are many commentaries on the Thousand names and Aadi Sanakara was among the first to write about it. There is a wonderful commentary by Swami chinmayananda which I like and refer called "Thousand Ways to the Transcendental VISHNU SAHASRANAAMA". Similarly many a singers have recited the same , but my favorite is "Vishnu Sahasranamam " by Smt. M.S. Subbalakshmi. I shall try to put the Audio of Vishnu sahasranaamam in this site whenever I get a chance.

I have tried to put "Vishnu Sahasranaamam" translated into English text for easy reading with little knowledge that I have. All the errors are mine. Lord forgive my Ignorance.

The Organization

Sri Vishnu Sahasranaamam Stotram is organized into three sections:

prolog        which gives the background on the Stotram, contains Installation and Meditation.
                  Most of the Hindu stotras start with the installation of the Lord.
Chant        The thousand names of the Lord Vishnu in a poetic format in 107 stanzas
phala sruti  Recounting of the benefits that can accrue by chanting the Stotram.

The complete page can be viewed from here.

The six questions by Yudhistara and the answers by Pitaamah Bhishma.

1) kim ekam daivatam loke ?

     Pavitraanam pavitram yo mangalaanam cha mangalam
     daivatam devataanam cha bhootaanam yo avyayah pitaa |

2) kim vaapyekam parayanam ?

    paramam yo mahat-tejah paramam yo mahat-tapah
     paramam yo mahat-brahma paramam yo paraayanam |

3) stuvantam kam praapnuyuh manavah subham ?

    jagat-prabhum deva-devam anantam purushottam
    stuvan naama-sahasrena purushah satatotthitah |

4) kam archantah praapnuyuh maanavaah subham ?

    tameva cha archayan nityam bhaktyaa purusham avyayam
    stuvan naama-sahasrena purushah satatotthitah |

5) ko dharmaah sarva-dharmaanaam bhavatah paramo matah ?
6) kim japan muchyate jantuh janma-samsaara-bandhanaat ?

    annadi-nidhanam vishnum sarvaloka-mahesvaram
    lokaadhyaksham stuvan nityam sarva-dhukha-atigo bhavet |

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