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Alaina's Inner Mind
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Okay so now there really are all new polls!!! Sue me for leaving that up so long :-)

All About Me

(A few pointers: Clicking on pictures on this page will take you to various pages and sounds within my site. No matter where you are, clicking on the blue rectangle will bring you back here. Clicking on pictures within my other pages will bring you back up a level. Enjoy! :-)

Alright...this is my page from around soph/junior year in high school. I have decided to leave it alone because I like it and it's a pretty good description of that time in my life. I am now starting work on a new page to depict my state of mind now. The polls here may still ocassionally change but that's about all...farewell until my new page is up! :-) Current page: The Pixie Delusions

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All About Me
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