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Collected Superstitions

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These are superstitions that I have collected from people in my community. By personal preferance, the providers of the superstitions listed below will remain anonymous. A request for their names shall be reviewed by the contributer in question.

'Sneeze on Monday, sneeze for danger.
Sneeze on Tuesday, kiss a stranger.
Sneeze on Wednesday, sneeze for a letter.
Sneeze on Thursday, sneeze for something better...'

If your hand itches, close it and don't scratch! It means you're going to get money.

Never put your purse on the kitchen table or on the floor, it will bring bad luck.

Never put shoes on the bed, it will cause a fight in your family.

If your eyelid swells, rub a cat's tail on it.

If you drop a spoon, someone is coming over.

Put a knife under a pregnant woman's pillow to cut the pain.

If the teacher doesn't show up to class five minutes in, you can leave and still be counted present.

If you sleep on the wrong end of the bed, or without underwear, it can lead to pregnancy.

If your ears burn, someone is talking about you. If it's your right ear, they are saying good things about you. If it's your left ear, they are saying bad things about you.

Bite your tounge when your ears burn so the person that is talking about you will bite theirs.

If your nose itches, someone is thinking of doing the 'horizontal polka' with you.

A black cat crossing your path is bad luck.

Opening an umbrella indoors is bad luck.

If you break a mirror it will bring seven years of bad luck.

'Step on a crack, break your mother's back.'

If you sneeze twice in a row, the person you like is thinking about you.

If a rocking chair is rocking without anyone in it, there is a ghost in it.

When you sneeze you should clap as many times as you sneeze, so as not to kill any fairies.

If you find a leprechaun's gold you get a wish for every coin.

If you meet a mermaid, you get a wish.

If you get chills down your spine someone is talking about you.

If you are wearing a necklace when the clasp slides down to the charm, on its own, someone is thinking about you.

If you find an eyelash make a wish, put the eyelash on the top of your hand while making a fist with both hands and hit them together, if the eyelash makes it to the other side your wish will come true.

If you lie your tounge will turn black.

If you touch a toad you will grow warts on your hand.

If you carry around a rabbit's foot it is good luck.

In Japan if you wear ten yen on a necklace it is good luck.

In Japan frogs are considered to be good luck.

If you see a cricket it will bring you good tidings.

If a spider falls down on you or comes down in your face and you kill it, you will recieve a letter with bad news. If you leave it alone you will recieve a letter with good news.

If you pick a blooming dandelion, make a wish. If you can blow all of the petals off in one breath your wish will come true.

When you are driving and come to a tunnel make a wish and hold your breath all the way through in order for it to come true.

When you wish upon a star your dreams come true.

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