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Tintir=Babylon, Tablet 1

(translated by A.R. George)

The 49 Names of Babylon

1. Tintir = Babylon, on which Fame and Jubilation are bestowed!
2. Tintir = Babylon, the Seat of Piety!
3. Tintir = Babylon, the Seat of Life!
4. Šuanna = Babylon, the Might of the Heavens!
5. Si-anna = Babylon, the Light of the Heavens!
6. Sa-anna = Babylon, the Bond of the Heavens!
7. Sa4-anna = Babylon, Called into Being by the Heavens!
8. Uru-sigbi-dubsagga = Babylon, the City whose Brickwork is Ancient!
9. Uru-silla = Babylon, the City of Jubilation!
10. Uru-mebi-kalla = Babylon, the City whose Ordinances are Precious!
11. Uru-billudabi-suhsuh = Babylon, the City whose Rites are Select!
12. Uru-lugal-dingirrene = Babylon, the City of the King of the Gods!
13. Uru-gude-Asarre = Babylon, the City called into Being by Marduk!
14. Uru-labi-nugia = Babylon, the City whose Luxury is Inexhaustible!
15. Uru-guruš-nidub = Babylon, the City which Brings Peace to its Menfolk!
16. Uru-niggina-kiagga = Babylon, the City which Loves Truth!
17. Uru-niggina-sisa = Babylon, the City of Truth and Justice!
18. Uru-nigerim-hulgig = Babylon, the City which Hates Evil!
19. Uru-lukurra = Babylon, the City of Men of Influence!
20. Dimme-kusig = Babylon, the Pole of Gold!
21. Eridu = Babylon, the Pleasant City!
22. Ka-dingirra = Babylon, the Entrance of the Mustering of the Gods!
23. Eškiri-tabba-anki = Babylon, which Grasps the Bridle of Heaven and Underworld!
24. Riri-nigerim-banda... = Babylon, which Destroys the Offspring of the Enemy!
25. Zah-erimgu-nigerim... = Babylon, which Annihilates Every Enemy and Foe!
26. Kar-hula = Babylon, which Hates Injustice!
27. NamŠudu-mulu-zizi = Babylon, which Renders Not the Arrogant Perfect!
28. Dur-Asarre = Babylon, the Abode of Marduk!
29. Dur-Asaralimnunna = Babylon, the Abode of Anu, Enlil and Ea!
30. Mud-dingir-sagga = Babylon, the Creator of God and Man!
31. Aagga-me-zu = Babylon, which Knows the Ordinances and Decrees!
32. Me-daganbi-urur = Babylon, which Gathers Up All the Ordinances!
33. E-ku-a = Babylon, the House of the Entrance of [....]
34. Gubba-pirigga = Babylon, which Establishes Kingship!
35. Uzsag-ankia = Babylon, the Bond of Heaven and Underworld!
36. Igibi-igigal-sukudda = Babylon, whose Sight [....]
37. Igi(?)bi-dudu = Babylon, ...[....]
38. ....igi-kurra = Babylon, which [(is established) for the Wonder(?)] of the Mountains and the [land(?)]!
39. Bar(?)bar-namkuzu = Babylon, which Diffuses Wisdom!
40. Muš-lipišbe-gunundea = Babylon, to which the Clamor of the Lands Remains Constant!
41. Tu-illu-šimalla = Babylon, which Recites Incantations for All Creation!
42. Dim-mud-zi = Babylon, the Creation of Enlil!
43. Mulu-gub-ši-mada = Babylon, which Ensures the Life of the Land!
44. Uru-nigtuku = Babylon, the City of Opulence!
45. Uru-ugbi-tuktuk-garra = Babylon, the City whose People are Glutted with Wealth!
46. Uru-hul-ezen-gudgud = Babylon, the City of Festivals, Rejoicing and Dancing!
47. Uru-ugbi-ezen-zalzal = Babylon, the City whose People Continually Celebrate Festivals!
48. Uru-ubara-silla-duha = Babylon, the Privileged City, which Liberates the Captive!
49. Uru-kuga = Babylon, the Sacred City!
50. Uru-niggalla-nigga = Babylon, the City of Goods and Property!
51. Dim-kurkurra = Babylon, the Bond of the Lands!

This beautiful pæan to Babylon is good to recite; you'll have to fill in the missing parts with whatever comes to mind. It should really be studied with George's fantastic commentary in Babylonian Topographical Texts. It's expensive, but well worth it - or demand that your library buy a copy!