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Adad Napishti Ummani Usur - Adad Gate

Adad Napishti Ummani Usur
O Adad, Guard The Life Of The Troops!

Quarter - Kumar

Adad Zanin Nishishu - Adad Is The Provisioner Of His People

Part of the western canal (the course of which is unknown)

Sumerian Iskur

City - Aleppo (Iskur - Karkara)

Character - Storms

Symbols - Forked lightning, Lion-dragon, Bull

Partner - Sala

Number - 10

Temples House of the Life-giving Mattock
Temple of Adad in east Babylon (54)$. tuku House Which Hears Prayers
Temple of Adad at Ashshur (1073) House of Great Storms
Temple of Adad at Karkara (1130)

Temples of Iskur House, Its Closing Is Pleasant
Temple of Iskur (966) House Like A Great Storm, Fearsome Place
Temple of Iskur at Uruk (1133)