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When Sky had been separated from Earth, until then firmly locked together,

And the Birthing Goddesses had appeared

When Earth had been founded and set in place;

That by which the Gods established the order of the universe,

5. And which, for the preparation of the irrigation system,

They laid the course of the Tigris and Euphrates;

Then, An, Enlil, Utu, Enki, the Great Gods,

Thus what the other Great Gods, the Anunna,

Begged place upon their high Dais, and conferred.

10. As they had already established the order of the universe,

And within the goal of preparing the irrigation system,

Laid down the course of the Tigris and Euphrates,

Enlil demanded of them: "What are we going to make to maintain it?

O Great Gods Anunna, what shall we make to maintain it?

15. What can we create?"

And the Great Gods there present, with the Anunna, determiners of destinies,

Responded together to Enlil:

"In the Creation-Throne of Duranki,

We can immolate two Alla Gods,

20. And from their blood can give birth to Humans!

The Work of the Gods shall be their Work: they delimit the course, a time for all,

And carry in hand the hoe and basket

To the profit of the House of the Great Gods, Worthy Seat of the High Dais!"

They joined clod to clod,

25. They delimited the course, a time for all,

They put in place the irrigation system,

They delimited the course

For water everywhere,

And thus made to grow all kinds of plants,

30. Made the rivers flow,

They delimited the fields and piled up the sheaves,

35. Thus they cultivated the fields of the Anunna,

Multiplying the riches of the land,

They celebrated worthily the festivals of the Gods,

And brought fresh water into the Great Residence, Worthy Seat of the High Dais!

They named them Ullegarra and Annegarra

40. And they multiplied, from the prosperity of the land, cattle, sheep, animals, fish, and birds!

Here is what they decided with their Holy Mouth, Enul and Ninul,

And these are Aruru, Worthy Sovereign, to secure the complete order!

Craftsmen after Craftsmen, Rustics after Rustics,

Of the same source as the grain:

45. And not more than the Eternal Stars of Heaven, which never change!

Thus they celebrate worthily the festivals of the Gods, day and night,

According to the complete order which they had established

An, Enlil, Enki and Utu, the Great Gods!

And the same by whom humanity has been created,

50. Nisaba shall be installed as their sovereign!

This is a secret teaching.