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Our Talented Kids!

Our kids have been in the limelight a number of times. Problem was, I never could get a copy of what they were featured in until now. Here is Meisel in a 1999 Fall Women's catalog from Dillard's. It was 106 degrees in late July here in Texas. She wore a cool coat but no amount of water kept her cool enough. They were fine people to work with except for their continuing to say "Too much tongue!" Geez! What do you expect on the hottest day of the year? Huh?

Previously, Amstel had been featured in a TV shot with JC Penny, having a little boy laying up against her (both laying on the ground) & reading a book. We have often been asked to bring our dogs, but this industry seems to know nothing about what making 'plans' means. They usually call us the same day they want the dogs. That never works because we have to take time off our own employment to do this sort of thing. Oh well. We do it for the fun of it.

Seems that at every dog show that is large enough for the local TV station to be there, they find us and ask to put us 'in the news'. We always say yes. Never a problem showing how sweet the kids are.