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The Camping Kids

Amstel, Lier, Meisel & Puppie

The pic from our Xmas camping trip 2001 at Lake Livingstone SP in TX pine country. A wonderful time! Me, hubby Henry, Miesha and Ruston, our 2nd CCI pup to raise.


Here are Meisel (on the right) and Lier (on the left) playing a great game of tug-of-war! When they aren't playing this game, they enjoy laying about chewing on bones. You can see our waterers in the background. They work great in keeping water fresh and limiting their ability to guzzle it. We use the same ones at home, too. Old Puppie is in the background with Mommy (Chris)

On Guard!

The kids (l-r Meisel, Amstel, Lier, Puppie) are watching Daddy (Henry) return from the showers. They barked until he got close enough to recognise his walk. The fencing enclosure is a total of 5 exercise pens of 4 foot lengths that are 3 foot high. Makes a fine, big yard for them so all I have to do it open the door. None of that 'leash' stuff!

Fur carpeting...

Here we all are...snug as a bug in a rug! Daddy is using Meisel as a foot rest. It always rains on us when we go camping. It wouldn't be a Bredenkamp camp event if it didn't rain. Although we are quite used to it, this is why we prefer it not to rain! (But it IS cozy!)

Me, Henry, Miesha, Meisel and Comet at Galveston Island State Park Christmas 2000.