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Unit 1 (a): - Foundations Foundations Chap. 1 Foundations Foundations Foundations Foundations
Unit 1: Constitutionalism Constitutionalism Chap. 2 Unit One (b) Bill of Rights Article of Confederation Overview
Unit 1 (b): Federalism Federalism Chap. 3 Federalism Federalism Branches of Govt. US Federalism
Unit 2: Political Beliefs Public Opinion Chap. 11 Beliefs Simpsons Political Beliefs Political Beliefs
Unit 2: Voting Voting Chaps. 13-14 Voting Primaries Voting Voting Behavior
Unit 2: Political Parties Political Parties Parties Political Parties Political Spectrum Political Parties
Unit 2: Media Media   Media Media Media
Unit 2: Interest Groups Interest Groups IGs Interest Groups Interest Groups/Media Interest Groups
Unit 3: Legislative Legislative Legislative How a Bill Becomes Law Legislative Branch Legislative Branch
Unit 3: Executive President Executive The President Executive Branch Executive Branch
Unit 3: Bureaucracy Bureaucracy Bureaucracy Electoral College Electoral College Bureaucracy
Unit 3: Judicial Supreme Court Judicial Judicial Branch Cases Judicial Branch
Unit 5: Public Policy Public Policy   Public Policy Public Policy Public Opinions
Unit 5: Foreign Policy Foreign Policy   Foreign Policy Foreign Policy Foreign Policy
Unit 6: Civil Liberties Freedoms   Civil Liberties Civil Liberties Civil Liberties
Unit 6: Civil Rights Civil Rights   Civil Rights Civil Rights Civil Rights