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Week 1: - August 17-21 Week 1 Foundations Chaps. 1-2 What is Govt? Lord of the Flies Lord of the Flies Foundations Foundations Foundations Foundations
Week 2: - August 24-28 Week 2 Constitutionalism Chaps. 3; 15-16 Constitution The Constitution Bridge of Spies Unit One (b) Bill of Rights Article of Confederation Overview
Week 3: August 31-Sept 4 Week 3 Federalism Chap. 4 Federalism Questions The Storm Federalism Federalism Branches of Govt. US Federalism
Week 4: Sept 8-11 Week 4 Legislative Chaps. 5-7 Congress Scavenger Hunt   Legislative How a Bill Becomes Law Legislative Branch Legislative Branch
Week 5: Sept 14-18 Week 5 Executive Chaps. 9-11 Presidency   Animal Farm Executive The President Executive Branch Executive Branch
Bureaucracy X Bureaucracy Chap. 11 Bureaucracy       Electoral College Electoral College Bureaucracy
Week 6: Sept 21-25 Week 6 Supreme Court Chaps. 13-14 Judicial Branch Webquest Gideon's Trumpet   Judicial Branch Cases Judicial Branch
Civil Liberties X Liberties Chap. 15 Civil Liberties   Arlington Road   Civil Liberties Civil Liberties Civil Liberties
Week 7: Oct 5-Oct 9 Week 7 Civil Rights Chap. 16 Civil Rights Voting Rights Assign #1 Assign #2 Civil Rights Civil Rights Civil Rights
Political Parties X Political Parties Chaps. 17-18 Political Parties     Parties Political Parties Political Spectrum Political Parties
Voting X Voting Chap. 18   Final SG Final Review Voting Primaries Voting Voting Behavior