Advanced Placement Government

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Unit 1 (a): - Foundations 15-22% Foundations Chap. 1 Unit One Government McCulloch v Maryland Chapter 1 Foundations Political Ideology Foundations Foundations Declaration of I Videos #1 Foundations Introduction
Unit 1: Constitutionalism Constitutionalism Chap. 1   Constitution Baker v Carr Chapter 2 x Bill of Rights Article of Confederation Overview Articles of C Videos #2   Constitution
Unit 1 (b): Federalism Federalism Chap. 2   Federalism Federalism Chapter 3 Federalism Unit 1 Branches of Govt. US Federalism X Videos #3 Federalism Federalism
Unit 2: Legislative 25-36% Legislative Chap. 3 Unit Two Congress Legislative Chapter 7 Congress How a Bill Becomes Law Legislative Branch Legislative Branch Federalist #78 Videos #9 Congress Congress
Unit 2: Executive President Chap. 4   Presidency Executive Chapter 8 Executive The President Executive Branch Executive Branch Birmingham Jail Videos #10 Executive Campaigns
Unit 2: Bureaucracy Bureaucracy Chap. 7   Bureaucracy Bureaucracy Chapter 9 Unit 3 Electoral College Electoral College Bureaucracy X Videos #11 Foundations  
Unit 2: Judicial Supreme Court Chap. 6   Judicial Judicial Chapter 10 Courts Judicial Branch Cases Judicial Branch MUST KNOW Videos #12 Courts  
Unit 3: Civil Liberties 13-18% Freedoms Chap. 7 Unit Three Liberties   Chapter 5 X Civil Liberties Civil Liberties Civil Liberties AP Review Videos #13   Civil Liberties
Unit 3: Civil Rights Civil Rights Chap. 8 & 9   Rights   Chapter 6 Unit 4 Civil Rights Civil Rights Civil Rights Institutions Videos #14   Civil Rights
Unit 4: Ideologies 10-15% Public Opinion Chaps. 10 & 11 Unit Beliefs Beliefs Chapter 11 Public Opinion Simpsons Political Beliefs Political Beliefs Federalist #10 Videos #4 Public Opinion Public Opinion
Unit 4: Public Policy Public Policy Chap. 11 Unit Public Opinion   Chapter 17 X Public Policy Public Policy Public Opinions AP Review Videos #15    
Unit 4: Foreign Policy     Foreign   Chapter 19 Unit 5 Foreign Policy Foreign Policy Foreign Policy Monster Review Videos #16 &nsp  
Unit 5: Voting 20-27% Chaps. 12 Unit Five Elections Voting Chapter 13-14 Participation Primaries Voting Voting Behavior Brutus No. 1 Videos #5 Participation Voting/Elections
Unit 5: Political Parties Political Parties Chap. 13   Parties Parties Chapter 12 Parties Political Parties Political Spectrum Political Parties Federalist #51 Videos #6 Parties Political Parties
Unit 5: Interest Groups Interest Groups Chap. 15   Groups IGs Chapter 16 Unit 2 Interest Groups Interest Groups/Media Interest Groups Federalist #70 Videos #8 Foundations Interest Groups
Unit 5: Media Media Chap. 16   Media Media Chapter 15 Campaigns Media Media Media Constitution Videos #7 Foundations Media
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