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The One and Only "New Web Site"

Hello my name is Rachael Boyer. This is my first web site, so I am just learning. Let me tell you a little about myself. I live in Austin, TX and am 19 years old, I live with my boyfriend Chris Smith and our five wonderful dogs. They are as follows Chewy a Chihuahua and the love of my life, Sadie a Jack Russell that will eat anything, Kindra a wonderful yet skittish Doberman, Sheila is a Rottweiler that could be mistaken for a teddy bear and last but not least is Kojack he is a Rottweiler mix and very smart. At this time I do not have any pictures but will be getting some soon.

My boyfriends favorite radio station is 93.7 KLBJ. They are some of the best personalities on the radio today. I however listen to 101X it is an alternative station, they unfortunately do not have a web site.

I hope everyones Holidays were great! I had a great time in New Mexico, we got four feet of snow on Christmas day! A total of 7 feet for the whole week. E-mail me and let me know how your Holidays went!

Please send me any comments or suggestions. Thank you!

A Collection of Joke- I update them frequently, Hope you enjoy!

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