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Welcome to the Ridge Fan Club home page. The club was founded to support Ridge, a strong Christian with a slightly different way of fulfilling the Great Commission. Ridge has written several rhymes that are now the Ridge Fan Club song Here it is!!


Jesus Christ Rules and Satan drools! Sin aint right and hell aint cool! So if you're goin to heaven better stand up and shout! If you're goin to hell better do a turnabout! WA HA HA!! Hallelujah!!!!

Jesus Christ is coming soon and He aint gonna give the devil no room! No room for the devil just a bottomless pit! At which I will stand at the top and spit! WA HA HA!!!! Hallelujah!!!!

Jesus Christ is coming soon and He won't be landing on the moon!!! Planet Earth is where He will soon stand to take us to the Promised Land!!! Don't let Satan rob U of that one time trip aboard the good old gospel ship!!! Hell is hot and heaven is gonna be a blast!! And eternity will last and last and last and last!!!!!

The King of kings and Lord of lords is about to split the eastern sky! And the devil and his bunch are about to fry! WA HA HA!! Hallelujah!!!!

Jesus Christ is alive and that aint no jive! And the devil is fixing to take a trip for a thousand years to the bottomless pit! So keep your eyes peeled for the return of the Most High--who is coming real soon and then will be gone in the twinkling of an eye! So preach the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, and your reward in heaven will more than suffice! WA HA HA!! Hallelujah!!!!

Dear Doc: I used to take UR aspirins and your prescription pills!! But then along came Jesus and healed me of all my ills!! Now that I no longer need U--Don't fret about my health!!! For there are still lots of doubters--From whom to glean your wealth!!!

If I were a heathenite I would not sleep real well at night!! Because sin would have me in its grip and from its grasp I could not slip!!!!

His name is Lord of lord and King of kings and if you don't belong to Him you just aint in the swing! WA HA HA!! Hallelujah!!!!

Jesus Christ is coming real soon and when he does won't nobody be voicing any profane tunes!! So learn how to speak without all them bad words---so U won't have to spend eternity in hell with the rest of the nerds!!! WA HA HA!! Hallelujah!! TURN OR BURN U SIN--INFESTED INFIDELS!!

Day by day I fight the fight!!! And God gives the victory thru His might!! The moral of these words of wit is be sure and accept Jesus Christ before U fall into Satan's pit!!! Because sin ain't right and hell ain't COOOL and if U miss heaven U are an eternal FOOOOL!!

Rock on for Jesus and He will rock on for you! WA HA HA!! Hallelujah!!!!


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If you would like to join the club you can e-mail me.

Who is Ridge? Self-described, he is " a wide-eyed, sanctified, Blood bought, Spirit taught, son of God."

So how does Ridge come up with all of these rhymes? He has explained that already:"The Lord my God---He blesses my wit--- So I can daily deal the devil a fit!"

You can chat with Ridge and the rest of us at the Jesus Cafe, but be aware of his policy. Ridge said this: "I always wear my combat boots to the Jesus Cafe---to stomp the devils that get in the way!! WA HA HA!! Hallelujah!!!"


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