Ranger Exes Memorial-TX - Updates: 2023

Updated Section Additions/Changes ECM=Eastland County Memorial 06.07.23 others added information on Johnnie "Red" Jones (d. on 05/27/2023) to his wife's page, Barbara Lewis Jones (RHS-1958) 06.06.23 ECM added Bobby Dean Wiliamson (d. 05/30/2023, EHS-1971) 06.06.23 others added Gary D. Murphy (d. 05/31/2023, former pastor in Ranger) - Obituary 06.05.23 veteran added Gary D. Murphy (others) to the list 06.04.23 ECM added Dorman Edger Lee (d. 05/28/2023, attended CHS-2020s) 06.03.23 class2024 created page for the Class of 2024 06.03.23 ECM added Vic Stacy (d. 05/24/2023, GHS-1964) 06.02.23 others added LaDonna Powell Stagner (d. 05/28/2023, wife of Denver Stagner of RHS-1969) - Obituary 06.02.23 ECM added MayDDee Petree (d. 05/25/2023, CRHS-1956) 06.01.23 1952 added memorial page for Betty Pounds Barnes 06.01.23 RJC added Betty Pounds Barnes (RHS-1952) 05.31.23 website backed up main website files 05.31.23 ECM added 2022 to Graduates from Rising Star HS 05.31.23 ECM added 2022 to Graduates from Gorman HS 05.31.23 1952 added deceased for Betty Pounds Barnes (d. on 05/28/2023) 05.30.23 ECM created a page for graduates from Eastland High School & added 2023 05.29.23 ECM created a page for graduates from Cisco High School & added 2023 05.28.23 ECM created a page for graduates from Rising Star High School & added 2023 05.27.23 ECM created a page for graduates from Gorman High School & added 2023 05.26.23 1961 added memorial page for Frank Ainsworth 05.25.23 ECM added Virgle Clyde Stillwell Jr. (d. on 05/16/2023, LTR of Cisco) 05.25.23 1961 added deceased for Frank Ainsworth (d. on 05/23/2023) 05.24.23 ECM added Roscoe Leonard Scay Jr. (d. in 2010, attended school in Cisco, veteran) 05.23.23 1948 added memorial page for Sam Martin Seay (d 04/05/2023) 05.22.23 ECM added Iris Ann Boney Alton (d. 04/11/2023, EHS-1969) 05.21.23 ECM added Danny Ray Hollander (d. 05/01/2023, CHS-1975, CJC) 05.20.23 ECM added Freda Janell Burleson (d. 05/08/2023, LTR of Cisco) 05.20.23 Class2023 added pic to the page on Class of 2023 05.19.23 1965 updated page for Jesse Renteria 05.19.23 1946 added memorial page for Viola Seay Boyer (d. 05/13/2023) 05.19.23 RJC added Viola Seay Boyer (RHS-1946) to the list 05.19.23 Faculty added Viola Seay Boyer (RHS-1946) to the list 05.19.23 Class2023 update page on RHS Honors for 2023 05.18.23 1965 added memorial page for Jesse Renteria 05.18.23 veterans added Jesse Renteria (RHS-1965) to the list 05.18.23 Class2023 added graduating seniors to Class of 2023 05.18.23 email added MRU for Howard Frasier (RHS-1946) & Lida Smith Gillespie (RHS-1953) 05.18.23 RJC added 2023 reunion pic to page for Ranger College 05.17.23 1944 added memorial page for Clara Russell Arterburn (d. 05/08/2023) 05.17.23 email added MRU for Jennifer Koerner Stroup (RHS-1991) & James Dixon (RHS-1970) 05.16.23 1970 added memorial page for Brenda Stephens Shelton 05.15.23 1970 added deceased for Brenda Jean Stephens Shelton (d. 05/07/2023) 05.14.23 email added MRU for Cody White (RHS-1993) 05.14.23 ECM added Wanda Mauney Hobbs (d. 05/09/2023, LTR of Gorman) 05.13.23 1965 added deceased for Jesse Renteria (d. recently) 05.13.23 2011 added memorial page for John P. Johnston 05.13.23 ECM added Joyce Bloyd Duggan (d. 05/07/2023, LTR of Cisco) 05.12.23 2011 added deceased for John Phillip Jake Johnston (d. 05/08/2023) 05.12.23 ECM added Raymond Brokelyn Stuart (d. 05/06/2023, LTR of Cisco) 05.11.23 RJC added James Garza (d. 04/27/2023) - Obituary 05.10.23 Ranger added Corinth to Cemeteries in & around Ranger 05.09.23 ECM added Sherry Wright Massey (d. 05/01/2023, LTR of Gorman) 05.04.23 Ranger added Mitchell to Cemeteries in & around Ranger 05.04.23 ECM added William Charles Kierre (d. 04/29/2023, LTR, of Cisco, veteran) 05.04.23 faculty added another pic to page for Barbara Rutledge 05.03.23 RJC added Sammye Langston Knox (d. 04/28/2023, Graham) 05.02.23 faculty added memorial page for Barbara Walker Rutledge (d. 04/27/2023) 04.30.23 website backed up main website files 04.28.23 ECM added Robert S. Macdonald (d. 04/17/2023, LTR of Eastland) 04.27.23 ECM added Terry Don Cook (d. 04/13/2023, LTR of Gorman) 04.26.23 1951 added another pic to page for Frank Johnson 04.25.23 ECM added Patsy Clark Maynard (d. 04/22/2023, RSHS- 1955) 04.23.23 others added David M. Snodgrass (d. 04/20/2023, LTR of Ranger) 04.21.23 ECM added Sheila Boyd Foreman (d. 04/10/2023, LTR of Eastland County) 04.21.23 Ranger added Romney to Cemeteries in & around Ranger 04.20.23 ECM added June Guenther Williamson (d. 04/16/2023, LTR of Eastland County) 04.19.23 others moved page on J.C. Rose to his brother's page, Owen Rose (RHS-1940) 04.19.23 RJC removed page on Arloa Roberts Knight 04.18.23 ECM added Margrett Cook Lancaster (d. 01/14/2023, LTR of Carbon) 04.18.23 RJC removed page on Maydene Alexander 04.17.23 others moved page on Grace Singleton Wallace to her son's page, Edward Wallace (RHS-1954) 04.17.23 ECM added Sallie Cooper Kinnaird (d. 04/12/2023, EHS-1953) 04.16.23 1963 added memorial page for Jerry Cole 04.16.23 RJC added Jerry Cole (RHS-1963) 04.16.23 ECM added Billie McGough Heintschel (d. 04/10/2023, LTR of Eastland) 04.15.23 1963 added deceased for Jerry Cole (d. 04/13/2023) 04.15.23 ECM added Patsy Crowder Johnson (03/31/2023, CHS- 1961, CJC) 04.14.23 ECM added Milton Rodger Terrell (d. 04/09/2023, attended Eastland schools) 04.14.23 others moved page on Harry A. Weldon to his wife's page, Betty Penn (RHS-1951) 04.13.23 RJC added Pierce Hamilton Mulvaney (d. 03/31/2023, RC-2000s) - Obituary 04.12.23 others removed page on Raymond E. Emerson (others) 04.12.23 ECM added Raymond Emerson (d. in 2008, GHS-1950) 04.11.23 ECM added James A. Harper (d. 04/06/2023, LTR of Eastland County, veteran) 04.10.23 ECM added Samuel M. Seay (d. 04/05/2023, LTR of Eastland County) 04.09.23 ECM added Howard Frank Hagood (d. 04/01/2023, GHS-1955) 04.08.23 others removed page on Ted R. Bott (others) 04.07.23 ECM added Patsy Gardenhire Taylor (d. 04/02/2023, CHS-1950) 04.06.23 ECM added Ernest Andrew Esobedo (d. 03/29/2023, CHS-1992, CJC, worked for Eastland & Cisco ISD 04.05.23 ECM added Beulah Lodene Thompson (d. 03/24/2023, LTR of Cisco) 04.05.23 others removed page on Bertha Yardley Seay (others) 04.04.23 ECM added Joseph Aubrey Brown Jr. (d. 03/28/2023, EHS-1953, CJC) 04.03.23 ECM added Burnice Jeanett Williams (d. 03/27/2023, LTR of Eastland County) 04.02.23 RJC added Winfrey Andrew Shipp (d. 03/30/2023, RJC-1960s) - Obituary 04.01.23 ECM added David Wayne Weise (d. 03/25/2023, LTR of Eastland County) 03.31.23 website backed up main website files 03.31.23 ECM added Jesse David Jones (d. 02/25/2023, CJC, veteran) 03.30.23 ECM added Jimmie Max Crawley (d. in 1952, GHS-1948, veteran) 03.29.23 RJC moved page on Roy Crawley to his daughter's page, Dena Crawley Cornelius (RHS-1959) 03.29.23 website Angelfire server down for a day 03.28.23 photos moved then & now photos in photo albums to Photo Galley 03.28.23 ECM added Leland Lane Hornsby (d. 03/25/2023, LTR of Eastland County) 03.26.23 photos moved recent photos in photo albums to Photo Galley 03.23.23 ECM added Kurt Stanley Clark (d. 03/18/2023, EHS-1963) 03.22.23 ECM added Ralph Eugene Stevens (d. 03/16/2023, LTR of Eastland, veteran) 03.21.23 email added MRU for June Blackwell Ice (RHS-1950) 03.20.23 photos moved pics in Photo Galley from Shutterfly to Google Photo 03.19.23 1947 added memorial page for Roland Dwain Ingram 03.19.23 veterans added Roland Dwain Ingram (RHS-1947) 03.18.23 1947 added deceased for Roland Dwain Ingram (d. 03/14/2023) 03.17.23 others added information on Billy Fox (d 03/14/2023) to his sister's page, Bonnie Fox Steward (RISD teacher) 03.16.23 ECM added Charles Lewis Pence (d. 03/10/2023, CHS-1947) 03.15.23 1966 added memorial page for Terry Sutton (d. in 2020) 03.15.23 veterans added Terry Sutton (RHS-1966) to the list 03.14.23 ECM added Mckenzie Kay Osborne (d. 02/28/2023, GHS-2013) 03.13.23 others moved the page on Callie Smith to his wife's page, Rosemary Bruce Smith (RHS-1944) 03.12.23 1956 added memorial page for Tom Sutton 03.12.23 RJC added Tom Sutton (RHS-1956) to the list 03.11.23 RJC added Karen Lance Eager (d. 03/07/2023, RJC- 1962) - Obituary 03.10.23 1956 added deceased for Tom Sutton (d. 03/07/2023) 03.10.23 ECM added Rayford Lee Brown (d. 02/24/2023, LTR of Eastland County) 03.10.23 ECM added Krista Kay Brown (d. in 2022, GHS-2006) 03.09.23 RJC moved page on Coach Richard Henderson to his wife's page, Marilyn Henderson (RHS-Faculty) 03.08.23 1944 added memorial page for Rosemary Bruce Smith (d. 03/01/2023) 03.08.23 RJC added Rosemary Bruce Smith (RHS-1944) to the list 03.07.23 ECM added Jimmie Kurk Randall (d. 02/17/2023, LTR of Eastland County) 03.06.23 ECM added Dahlia Moreno Salinas (d. 02/24/2023, LTR of Cisco) 03.06.23 email added MRU for Alfonso Vasquez (RHS-1963, Virgil Blackwell (RHS-1961), & John Robinson (RHS-1961) 03.05.23 faculty added memorial page for Marilyn Henderson (d. on 03/03/2023) 03.04.23 ECM added Ralph M. Cain (d. 02/25/2023, LTR of Eastland County) 03.03.23 ECM added Amos "Ray" Edwards (d. 02/21/2023, raised in Eastland) 03.02.23 Texas added 2nd theater to Old Texas Theaters in Denison 03.01.23 ECM added Truman Douglas Bryant (d. 02/23/2023, CRHS-1971, CJC) 02.28.23 website backed up main website files 02.28.23 others added information on Juanita Rosales Hamilton to her son's page, Andrew Hamilton (RHS-1968) 02.27.23 ECM added Ruby White Cotton (d. 02/13/2023, owned studio in Cisco for 45 yrs.) 02.26.23 Texas added Denison church to Historic Churches of Texas 02.25.23 ECM added Darlene Callaway Gilbert (d. 02/01/2023, LTR of Cisco) 02.24.23 others added James S. DeVoll (d. 02/21/2023, husband of Judy Craig of RHS-1958) 02.23.23 ECM added Roy Leon Johnson (d. 02/14/2023, DHS-1959) 02.22.23 ECM added Loretta Ericka Lopez (d. 02/08/2023, CHS-1989, CJC) 02.21.23 others added information on Eric Merka (d. in 2022) to his wife's page, Cindy Miller (RHS-1994) 02.20.23 ECM added Eric Merka (d. in 2022, CJC) 02.19.23 1968 added memorial page for Truman B. Miller 02.18.23 1968 added deceased for Truman B. Miller (d. on 02/16/2023) 02.14.23 ECM added Larry Joe Van Zandit (d. 02/11/2023, attended school in Eastland) 02.11.23 ECM added Linda Hannah Griffin Ferrell (d. on 12/21/2022, LTR of Eastland County) 02.10.23 ECM added John King Brittain (d. 01/31/2023, LTR of Eastland) 02.09.23 RJC added Danny L. Vara (d. 02/03/2023) - Obituary 02.08.23 ECM added Donald Duane York (d. 01/31/2023, LTR of Eastland) 02.06.23 ECM added Cathryn Fort Hutto (d. 01/30/2023, LTR of Eastland) 02.05.23 ECM added John Carlile (d. 01/28/2023, CHS-1956) 02.04.23 ECM added Curtis Bulgerin (d. on 12/03/2022, attended school in Eastland) 02.03.23 ECM added Bonnie Warner Mashburn (d. 01/21/2023, CJC) 02.03.23 ECM added Jimmy Dale Farrow (d. 01/23/2023, CJC, veteran) 02.02.23 ECM added Donal Ray Lee (d. 01/26/2023, LTR of Eastland) 02.02.23 ECM added Tommie Joe Lee (d. 01/27/2023, LTR of Eastland, veteran) 02.01.23 ECM added Carol McDonald Creson (d. 01/16/2023, attended school in Cisco) 02.01.23 ECM added Shirley Jean Crain (d. 01/27/2023, LTR of Gorman)