Ranger Exes Memorial - Others

HENRY VIRGIL DAVENPORT, SR. was born Feb. 14, 1878 in Coryell County, TX. He married Lora Edith Madewell in 1906. She was born March 25, 1888 in Myrtel, MO, & died Aug. 22, 1987 in Ranger, TX. They had one son, Henry Virgil Davenport, Jr. (RHS-1951) who was born in Ranger, TX. Henry Sr. was Eastland County's Precinct 1 County Commission for 14 years. Some of his many duties were to oversee the county's roads and their upkeep, build and upkeep bridges, to oversee the county hospital up on the hill, release first deer stock on the Allen Ranch, and was instrumental along with Rip Galloway in getting the state to approve the building of the road across the Lake Leon Dam. Henry, Sr. was in his earlier years a member of the town band, and a member of the Methodist Church of Ranger. In later years he owned a small local grocery and was employed by Owen Bray of Ranger. Henry, Sr. was truly interested in the people of Ranger and assisted them in whatever way he could. Henry, Sr. died Feb. 15, 1968 in Ranger and was survived by his wife, Lora Davenport of Ranger, son H.V. Davenport, Jr., daughter-in law, Leona P. Davenport (RHS-1958), two grand- daughters Anita and Linda Davenport, & one grandson, James C. Davenport, all of Kinder, LA. and many other relatives of Ranger.