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The train brought civilization to the Texas frontier but after World War II, the bustling depots fell into disuse and decay. Many Texas stations were torn down but a few have been restored to their former grandeur and are now museums. Photos by Webmaster. BAIRD Baird Railroad Museum The 1911 Texas & Pacific Railroad Depot Museum is one of the few two-story depots in Texas. COOPER Cooper Railroad Museum Texas Midland RR constructed this passenger depot in 1913. DALLAS - The Age of Steam Railroad Museum (located at Fair Park) changed it's name to Museum of the American Railroad. Closing and moving to a new home in Frisco. DENISON Red River Railroad Museum Red River Railroad Museum is located in the old Katy Depot near downtown Denison. It has historic train equipment on display and an interactive train simulator. ENNIS - Ennis Railroad & Cultural Heritage Museum FRISCO - The Museum of the American Railroad (located near the historic downtown Frisco). When completed will display the 4,500 ton "Big Boy" one of a few remaining world's biggest and strongest steam engine moved from the railroad museum in Dallas. GALVESTON - Galveston Railroad Museum & Center for Transportation GARLAND Garland Railroad Depot Museum Santa Fe Railroad Depot Museum is located near downtown Garland. The building was constructed in 1901 and was moved in 1972. In 2013, it was relocated behind the downtown public library. A rail car next to it is being restored. Garland had two railroads at one time and the tracks actually crossed. GAINESVILLE Gainesville Railroad Depot Museum Railroad depot & museum GRAPEVINE Grapevine Railroad Depot Museum 1901 Cotton Belt Railroad Depot & Museum. Train service offered here to the Fort Worth Stockyards. GREENVILLE Greenville Railroad Museum The 1896 Katy Depot is now the Greenville Railroad Museum including railroad artifacts, Lionel model train display & hobby shop. HOUSTON - Gulf Coast Railroad Museum MARSHALL - Texas & Pacific Railroad Deport & Museum MINEOLA Mineola Railroad Museum Depot restored to the 1906 original appearance. It is now the Museum of Railroad Memorabilia and a stop for Amtrak. MOUNT VERNON Mt. Vernon Railroad Museum Former Cotton Belt Station built in 1894, now a museum. PLANO Plano Interurban Railway Station Museum Interurban Railway Station Museum is located near downtown Plano and has the history of early-1900s electric railway system. RANGER Ranger Railroad Station T&P Railroad Depot is now the Roaring Ranger Museum. SAN ANGELO San Angelo Railroad Station Railway Museum of San Angelo SAN ANTONIO - Texas Transportation Museum STRAWN Strawn Depot Museum Old depot museum on Front St. near downtown TEAGUE Teague Railroad Station Burlington-Rock Island Railroad Museum TEMPLE Temple Railroad Depot Museum 1910 Santa Fe Depot & Harvey House Museum also the historic Santa Fe Moody Depot (moved to Temple) for the Central Texas Area Model Railroaders TYLER - Cotton Belt Depot Museum, The Tyler Transit is in the Passenger section & The Cotton Belt -Tyler Tap Historical Society & Museum is in the Baggage section (East Side). WEATHERFORD Weatherford Depot Station 1910 Santa Fe depot Museum WICHITA FALLS - Wichita Falls Railroad Museum WINNSBORO Railroad depot in Winnsboro Depot Museum is located near downtown. Other Historic Texas Rail Stations ABILENE - 1910 T&P depot ALBANY - 1881 Texas Central depot Allen Depot Station ALLEN - this depot was reconstructed a few years ago from photos of old depots. The original depot burned in 1942 and was the site of the first train robbery in 1878 by Sam Bass. The depot served the Houston & Texas Central railroad. The train line is now abandoned. Old Stone Dam in Allen This stone dam was built in 1874 in Allen by the railroad to create a water reservoir for supplying water to the steam locomotives. It is thought to be the only one left in the U.S. ALPINE - 1946 Mission Revival-style Southern Pacific depot AMARILLO - 1910 Mission-style Santa Fe depot & Harvey House BALLINGER - 1905 stone Santa Fe Depot BAY CITY - 1905 St. Louis Brownsville & Mexico Railway depot BONHAM - 1900 T&P depot BRECKENRIDGE - brick 1929 Wichita Falls & Southern depot BRENHAM - brick 1925 Santa Fe freight depot BROWNWOOD - 1911 Santa Fe depot CROCKETT - 1909 Missouri Pacific depot Dallas Union Station DALLAS - 1916 Union Station in downtown Dallas is still in use, also services the DART light-rail system. EDINBURG - 1927 Spanish Colonial Revival-style Southern Pacific depot EL PASO - 1905 Beaux Arts-style Union Depot FORT WORTH - 1931 T&P passenger terminal DE RIO - 1976 Union Pacific station Frisco Railroad Depot FRISCO - this is a replica located at the Frisco Heritage Center of the 63 year old original Frisco depot used by the St. Louis- San Francisco Railway starting in 1902. FORT STOCKTON - 1911 Orient depot FRANKSTON - 1906 Southern Pacific depot HOUSTON - 1911 Union Station Train depot in Irving IRVING - train depot built in 1896 at the East Texas town of Clinton. It was later moved to Nevada, Fate, and then Irving. After being renovated, it was dedicated in 1988 at the Heritage Park in Irving's historic downtown. JASPER - 1900 Santa Fe depot LUBBOCK - 1928 Burlington Railroad depot Paris railroad depot PARIS - old railroad depot in Paris is now home for two restaurants. SAN ANGELO - 1910 Orient depot SAN ANTONIO - Opulent 1902 Southern Pacific depot SONORA - 1930 Santa Fe depot Terrell Railroad Station TERRELL - railroad depot Harvey Houses There were 18 Harvey House restaurants established from the 1890s through the 1940s in Texas to provide food for the railroad travelers. Excellent food was served in spotless surroundings by well-trained, impeccably groomed "Harvey Girls". Most of the Harvey Houses have been abandoned or demolished. 01. Amarillo - (1910-1940), building sold and now an antique store. 02. Beaumont 03. Brownwood - ( -1938) 04. Canadian - (1910-1939) 05. Cleburne - ( -1931) 06. El Paso - (1906-1948) 07. Fort Worth - ( -1933) 08. Dallas - ( -1923) 09. Gainesville - (1901-1931) 10. Galveston - (1897-1938) 11. Houston - (1911-1945) 12. Rosenberg (1897-1923) 13. Slaton - (1912-1942), has been renovated and is now a B&B, museum and community center. 14. Silsbee - ( -1923) 15. Somerville - (1900-1940) 16. Sweetwater - ( -1933) 17. Paris - (1896-1930) 18. Temple - ( -1933), pictured above with museums.