Ranger Exes Memorial - Historic Texas Old Texas County Jails

Many of the old county jails in Texas were built at the same time as the courthouse. Some are still in use today after 100 years. Sorted by counties. Photos taken by Webmaster. COLLIN Collin Cty jail in McKinney The Colin County Prison is located just off the square in McKinney. It was built in 1880 and serviced as a jail for almost a 100 years. It was later renovated into a restaurant but closed being vacant today. Notable prison guests were Frank James and Charles "Tex" Watson.
EASTLAND Eastland Cty jail in Eastland The Eastland County jail is located a block off the square in Eastland. It was built in 1897 and is now a museum. The jail once housed one of the Santa Clause Bank Robbers in 1927 from a bloody bank heist. The prisoner killed a well-liked jailer, which enraged the towns-folks to take matters into their own hands, lynching the prisoner.
MASON Mason Cty jail in Mason The Mason County jail is located on the downtown square in Mason. It is a good example of a small 19th-century jail built in 1894.
MILLS Mills Cty jail in Goldthwaite The Mills County jail in Goldthwaite was the first structure built in the new county. Built in 1888, it was restored in 1911 after a fire.
SHELBY Shelby Cty jail in Center Old Shelby County jail in Center matches the 1885 Romanesque Rivival courthouse on the square.