Ranger Exes Memorial - Historic Texas Texas Forts

Many Texas military posts were established in the early 1850s for protection of the settlers and some were built after the Civil War. Today, many are in varying stages of ruin and restoration. Most of the forts are open to the public. All photos taken by Webmaster. FORT BELKNAP - is located 3 miles south of Newcastle and has one original building and 6 others replicated including a museum. FORT BLAIR - a small family fort (nonmilitary installation) constructed during the Civil War by early settlers to Eastland County on land owned by C.C. Blair for protection from Comanche Indian attacks. The fort contained 12 log cabins and was a frequent stopping place for Texas Rangers. It served for five years and the land later became the town of Desdemona. A historical marked was placed near the site of the fort. FORT BLISS - is located in El Paso. FORT CHADBOURNE (1852-68) - is located 11 miles north of Bronte and its ruins are on private property but the fort is now open to the public. FORT CONCHO - is located in San Angelo and includes 17 buildings restored to their original appearance. Fort Davis FORT DAVIS - is located near Fort Davis with partially restored and fully restored buildings scattered throughout the 474 acre grounds including a museum. FORT GRIFFIN (1867-81) - is located 15 miles north of Albany and includes reconstructed buildings. A large heard of Longhorns are nearby. FORT HOOD - is located in Killeen. FORT LANCASTER - established in 1855 and is located between Sheffield and Ozona. The site contains ruins of a once sizable military fort with visitor center and self-guided tours. FORT LEATON - is located in Presidio. FORT MARTIN SCOTT - is located in Fredericksburg. FORT MASON (1851-69) - is located near Mason and ruins of the fort lie on private property but visitor can inspect the reconstructed officers' quarters. FORT MCKAVETT is located near Fort McKavett and holds 16 restored buildings. Fort McKavett Fort McKavett OLD FORT PARKER - is located near Groesbeck. FORT PHANTOM HILL - located north of Abilene and the ruins stands oday on private land but accessible to the public. FORT RICHARDSON (1868-78) - is located south of Jacksboro and has seven original buildings, including the commissary, bakery, magazine, hospital, and morgue. FORT SAM HOUSTON - is located in San Antonio. FORT STOCKTON - is located near Fort Stockton.