Tour Guide   BLOCK 8 - Main Street Tour     Locate on map

Montgomery WardDirectly across from the pre-Depression-
era hospital and clinic, we may need to 
hesitate again as we are aware of the 
uphill grade. This block is dominated 
by one department store, Montgomery 
Ward, usually called simply Ward’s. 

Mathena Flower Shop
Not there yet, however, 
take note of the corner 
business remembered in 
the 50’s as Mathena’s
Flower Shop. Earlier 
the same location had 
housed a bookstore. 
Then comes a used 
furniture store owned
by the Robinsons.  At
one time you could trade 
your old comic books there.
Montgomery WardNow we are at Ward’s. Inside it is clearly split into two levels because of the steep grade, making it necessary to go up two steps to enter the section with appliances and hardware and the credit department. The lower section was primarily clothing. Mr. Meyers was the store manager for a number of years. Ward’s and Penney’s seemed to be geared toward the small town in those days rather than the mammoth anchor stores of modern malls that they became. One feature at Ward’s was the catalog department so very handy for rural families wishing to purchase an item not readily available in town. Catalogs were great wish books. Special catalogs issued before Christmas were fun ways for children to decide what to ask Santa to give them. Mission Garage Finally at the end of the business section of town we come to the Mission Garage, where many a vehicle was reclaimed and repaired to travel local streets and roads for more years than the original manufacturers perhaps envisioned. It was operated by Nick Gallagher at one time. End Tour